EdTech Startups demands GST to be cut from 18%to 5%

EdTech Startups demands GST to be cut from 18%to 5% Techiexpert.com

India is entering the step of development in a rapid taste, yet, agriculture, education and employment impose India a lot of challenges since the times of independence. This has been on the note so far but no government could bring the change, resisting the odds in the nation. As a matter of fact, certain issues have worsen since a decade across the country. Education is a major drawback in the country while, employment becomes inconsiderate. Also, Modi’s Government could not reach the mark of ailing education sector demonstrating the wellness of the nation.

Skill India was a grand initiative aiming proper job-oriented educational training inside the country. This was a huge step towards the educational system and its order to pursue in India. Yet, it wasn’t a success and neither it was able to achieve its goal. SS Mantha, former chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education( AICTE), and Ashok Thakur, former education secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, wrote in a column in The Indian Express,“Remember the fanfare and optimism over the launch of Skill India in July 2015, and the roadmap for skilling 400 Mn people by 2022 (World Youth Skills day)? Today, Skill India looks like a patient, who, after having their treatment diagnosed as successful, has relapsed into a condition worse than before and is on their last leg”.

According to the Economic Survey 2018, in 2012-13, education expenditure was 3.1% of the GDP. It fell to 2.8% in 2014-15 and registered a further drop to 2.4% in 2015-16. In 2016-2017, it was 2.6%, not exactly a surge to write home about. Anil Nagar, founder and CEO of Edtech startup Adda247, exclaimed, “In 2018, Arun Jaitley had announced a 10% hike in the Budget as compared to the previous year. However, the allocations for education saw a marginal increase of 3.84%, from approximately INR 81,869 Cr to INR 85,010 Cr. In fact, the government’s spending on education has declined sharply over the last two decades. While the budget expenditure on education in other growing economics is rising, the scenario is quite the opposite in India.” India ranked 3rd in global tech innovation leadership, after US and China.
For the innovation and Indian startup ecosystem, Edtech startups are demanding that the finance minister take a different approach to education, “Besides the primary education under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Edtech startups want the government to pay equal attention to the digital education and reskilling India to fulfil the employability demand”.

Edtech startups also demand a step forward towards the improved employability where the courses taught at the College level are way different, than the demands or skills needed by the jobs. Hence, it becomes a difficult situation for the people to work on the grounds of experience or specialisation at the early stages. An IIT Kanpur professor also specified Inc42, “Blockchain and data science are the most sought skills in jobs today. However, over 99% of the Indian universities and conventional institutes don’t have blockchain in their curriculum. Even if some do, it is limited to the elementary education which leads students nowhere. Similar is the case with data science. Although there is increased awareness, the educational curriculum in our universities at large does not fulfil the job demands.”


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