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Eightfold uses AI to match job seekers with open positions

Recruiters have a tough job nowadays; it is not just that easy finding a job candidate for the right job. In the domains such as the financial services and healthcare, the average time to hire of 49 days, according to the report which has been revealed. And hiring is also much expensive that is $4129 for just a single position.

That is where Eightfold comes into the image. The startup now also added a new product to its job discovery platform for the Personalized Career Site, which works on the principle of the Artificial Intelligence to address and find the suitable candidate for the right job.

In an interview, the startup CEO and Co-founder Ashutosh Garg explained that most of the issue with most of the job sites is their failure to take into account right candidate which is much more relevant to the educational goals, skills and roles and work experience. On the hiring side, moreover, they often help the firms with outreach, candidate and sharing the sorting tools.

“Poorly crafted career sites and job descriptions hinder the application process by failing to attract qualified talent and even worse – dissuading diverse candidates,” Garg said. “With a surplus of available opportunities within any given organization, the majority of candidates say the hardest step in the job search is finding the right role.”

The AI tool does not just stop working here. Moreover, its chatbot can also help to collect the CV’s, qualify students and answer questions about skills, culture, benefits, and job fit.

Garg claims that it reduces the time to interview by 80 percent while reducing the cost to hire.

“At Eightfold, we’re shifting the focus away from vague lists of requirements and towards content that candidates care most about — the work they will do, the people they will get to work with and their likelihood of getting the job,” he added. “Regardless of whether a candidate is ultimately hired, candidates with a positive experience applying to work at a company are more likely to buy its products as well as recommend other individuals to apply for a position there.”

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