Electric Vehicle Startup PURE EV Enters International Market

Electric Vehicle Startup PURE EV

IIT Hyderabad-incubated startup PURE EV has entered its first international market. The startup will be launching its premium model ‘EPluto7G’ in Nepal by October 2020 as part of its international expansion plans.

A unique point of this vehicle is that the battery and the vehicle have been designed and developed factoring in the gradient requirements of Nepal. PURE EV has developed state-of-the-art ‘power train’ capabilities and efficiency in its vehicles to enhance the user experience in rough terrains.

PURE EV’s expansion into Nepal is part of a larger strategy to export to international markets having predominantly two-wheeler mode of transportation for personal mobility. The startup is also looking for good distribution partners for other markets who can create an efficient channel network for vehicle sales and service in the target markets.

The startup is partnering with White Lotus Motors (WLM) for distribution of its EV two-wheelers in Nepal. WLM will establish two outlets in the capital city of Kathmandu. PURE EV plans to launch more models in the near future.

Elaborating on the International expansion of PURE EV, Mr. Rohit Vadera, Chief Executive Officer, PURE EV, said, “This is one of the most significant milestones in the journey of PURE EV. We look forward to catering to the esteemed customers in Nepal through our partnership with White Lotus Motors. Further, all the new range of products launched in the future will also be made available in the Nepal market in the due course of time. We will be expanding to other international markets as well over the course of next year with particular focus on South Asia, South East Asia and East African countries.”

Further, highlighting the targets for Nepal, Mr. Rohit Vadera added, “We intend to start off with an annual sales of 1,000 scooters and have wider coverage in the top five cities of the country within a year”

The indigenously-developed lithium-ion batteries developed and manufactured by PurEnergy, the parent company of PURE EV, can operate in a wide range of temperature conditions suiting the climates conditions of India and Nepal. PURE EV is working closely with WLM for the establishment of high-quality workshops and provide timely ‘after-sales’ service requirements and also ensuring adequate spare parts availability.

Speaking about the PURE EV and White Lotus Motors partnership, Mr Ashok Khadgi, Managing Director, White Lotus Motors Private Ltd, said “We are delighted to have a partnership with Pur Energy, India and to launch world-class, new generation 2 wheeler EV products in Nepal. We see value creation for Nepalese consumers with Pure EV products due to better product quality, high-class R&D capability and suitability for Nepalese road conditions. We see a bright future for Pure EV products in Nepal.”

PURE EV has received International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) certification for faster homologation in Nepal and has targeted gaining 10 per cent of the market share in the two-wheeler electric vehicle sector by the end of 2022. ‘EPluto7G’ is a high-speed premium model of PURE EV. The vehicle offers affordability, long-range, top speed of 60 kmph and battery warranty for 40,000 kilometres. The model comes with a 2.5 kWh portable battery that can travel 100 kilometers on a single charge.

PURE EV was incubated by IIT Hyderabad. It has an in-house battery manufacturing facility and a research setup based out of IIT Hyderabad campus where the company’s dedicated R&D team works on core areas of battery thermal management system for the development of long-range and high-performance Lithium batteries.

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