Eliminate these distractions to grab your learners’ attention

By Sony T
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Eliminate these distractions to grab your learners’ attention 1

Visual design is the first thing that grabs your learners’ attention. Eye-catching graphics, colorful themes, and animations amuse the learners.


However, have you ever thought it’s a distraction at the same time?

Like content, designs overwhelm when it is not ideal for your target audience. The primary purpose of visuals must engage and not distract. That’s why iSpring Learn helps course creators to balance the visual aids. 

Here are five visually distracting elements for your learners.  

Too small Texts

Who wants to spend time figuring out what’s written in every sentence? Noone. Thinking of aesthetics in mind, many course creators use stylish English fonts in their material.

Sadly, even though they are beautiful, not legible enough to read. Keep the learners in mind before choosing the right font. 

Also, your texts’ size must be a mix of medium and large visible to the naked eye. iSpring Learn better understands this aspect and has numerous fonts that are only legible and easily understandable for the audience.

Prefer to use some standard fonts like Times New Roman and Calibri to accustom your learners. 


GIFs and Memes are modern features. However, they don’t fit the style of an elearning course. Paragraph by paragraph, I have seen people, including GIFs, everywhere. 

This distracts the learners entirely from your course and shifts their focus to repetitively watching them.

Additionally, it doesn’t look professional at all. There is a place to use these elements. 

Use them in your social media posts and blogs where learners could relax, consuming your content.

Too many icons

Okay, What is understandable, an icon or text? It’s straightforward enough to read and comprehend from readers rather than icons.

Not to say, you shouldn’t use icons at all. It is helpful for navigation purposes inside your online course, but too many of them would confuse the users.

It creates a substantial negative impact on your learners that they may even exit the content. Plus, users are too busy to figure out from many signs and symbols at the same place. 

What to do?

  1. Use only simple navigation icons.
  2. Don’t overcrowd with too many of them.
  3. Replace icons with clear and legible texts wherever possible. 

Graphs and charts

People love to learn from graphs and charts. They are so comprehensive. As similar to icons, if you overuse them, it could distract the learners. 

Also, it increases the size of your course and takes much longer to load on mobile devices.

It is ideal to use 3-4 graphs, and nothing more than that will work. Besides, charts with intricate markings aren’t visible to the learners and complicate the entire scenario.

This is where iSpring Learn ensures that all the reports and charts are feasible for the content template. 

Remember, stats are essential to simplify the context and not to complicate the scenario.

Video clippings

Videos are the go-to option when you need to explain challenging concepts thoroughly. However, your videos must define the specific purpose. 

For example, a video is the right format for a product demonstration to simplify its step-by-step user manual, whereas an animation doesn’t make sense. 

If you consider the content is lengthy, you can include a video link so that the learners can watch it later. 

This way, they can concentrate on the current content without any diversions.

Some Best Practices of including video clips are

  1. Mention to the reference section where you’ve linked the external videos.
  2. Include video clippings of subject experts to explain the context better.
  3. Be aware of the length of the videos you include in the content. (Not more than 20 minutes.)

The Bottomline

Play around with the visual elements in iSpring Learn. Experiment with what works and what doesn’t with your learners and then optimize the content accordingly. Do you find these tips useful? Kindly revert to us if you’ve any other information to cut down the distraction. 

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