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Peer-to-Peer fantasy sports platform - Playerzpot

About PlayerzPot

If we talk about PlayerzPot, it is a reliable, secure and fast-growing peer-to-peer fantasy sports platform that provides the combination of fun, excitement and thrill of real-world sports with fantasy gaming to its users online, along with other skill based casual games. We as a platform believe in allowing our users to experience their favorite games on multiple levels, along with the opportunity to earn real money. In terms of growth in user number, we have started our journey with a minimal number which is now a family of 5 million active users and witnessing 100% growth in terms of user traction every year. With the focus to provide the best gaming experience, we started evolving from cricket fantasy to other sports as well to become a one-point gaming platform to the gamers in the market. 

Our platform offers liberty to the users to choose their own league, players and lucky pot, as well as provides hassle-free payment options and best-intown referral programs too. Not only this! We are offering 9 sports for fantasy sports and 7 casual games on our platform including casual games such as Rummy, Ludo, Snake & Ladders, etc, to our users and planning to add more in the near future. To build credibility and strong foothold in the gaming industry, we believes in adopting changes and add more unique features to provide and enhance our user’s gaming experience with us.

Tell us about the various aspects of the brand and how is it different from other players in the industry?

Playerzpot started working on addressing market gaps, user problems in the initial year itself. This user first approach helped us in setting newer trends such as Refer and Earn, Customer support, Fastest withdrawal which later became an industry trend. This approach has helped us to be always a customer-centric platform and this differentiates us from others. A constant zeal in all the team members to identify the vacuums, working on it and bring the experience rich product to customer is the backbone of Playerzpot 

Growing demand of fantasy gaming in India?

The Indian fantasy gaming market has shown phenomenal growth over the last few years and is considered as the most potential market for this industry. The major factor driving the growth of the global fantasy sports market is the growing penetration of the technology globally and adoption of smartphones. Fantasy sports are not at all like any other form of online gaming as it is dependent on actualities, seasonality and availability of real-time sports matches, which makes it a non-addictive form of play. That is the reason it is distinctly apart from other forms that are perceived to be in the nature of gambling or betting. 

How covid-19 made it to the next level in the last 1 year and your contribution in the growth?

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted businesses globally, but it has provided a tremendous growth and opportunity to gaming industry players to develop and grow. When the government announced a national lockdown, that shifted individual’s fun time from going out to online games, which was the major reason behind the tremendous growth of the fantasy market. The global fantasy gaming market is expected to grow at a significant rate and reach USD 48.07 Billion by 2027. For playerzpot, if we compare the growth, we have grown from 3million to 5million in this year from pre-covid to todays number, with active users rate growing almost to 100% and revenue increasing 5X.

Technology is being used for the designing of the platform? What are the technological advancements you are planning to adopt for your platform?

We are a complete bootstrapped product and working on a peer-to-peer gaming model. Initially, we have faced a lot of challenges to design the platform but later we succeeded by keeping our focus on becoming a customer centric platform. With all these factors in mind such as rise in technology, cheap data and smartphones, we started working on the lines of shifting passive match watching audiences to an active interactive one through our fantasy model. 

The infrastructure of our platform is not built on a single technology but we used various latest technologies to achieve uninterrupted services by building highly scalable application layers. Before rolling out any information to other product teams for development internally, we take inputs from our internal gameplay expertise to ensure customer’s satisfaction and enhance user’s experience. We always try to maintain few basic fundamentals to achieve flawless and uninterrupted user experience that are:

  • Keeping it simple to make it understandable to the users
  • Maintains Consistency
  • Perform A/B testing

Our data and Analytics team constantly, keeps every team on the nerve with the latest insights of users interaction, their trend and based on that, users profilezation is done and users are pushed with their comfortable choices first, so as to make the interaction smoother and bring rich experience. We are working extensively on AR/AI along with data and working on the different trends, which will help users engagement at whole.

Casual gaming is the next big trend to follow in the gaming industry. Tell us about your thoughts

There is no doubt in the fact that casual gaming is the next big trend to explore and invest in the gaming industry. As per the report published by KPMG, the online casual gaming segment in India is projected to grow at 29% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) during FY 21-25 to reach Rs 169 billion in India. Currently, the casual gaming segment stands at Rs 60 billion in FY21, which accounts 44% of the total online gaming revenues. The major reason behind the growth would be a continued increase in consumption, robust brand interest and maturity of the Indian gamer in terms of consumer spends.

With India experiencing an unavoidable pandemic situation currently, it is envisaged that the consumption of online casual gaming will likely continue to be robust enforced by the strong digital infrastructure that India has, and the continued investments by Indian and global developers to make it one big industry very soon. We have already introduced casual games on our platform. This happened last year during IPL suspension phase. After witnessing the major increment in the user traction, we decided to introduce more games in the similar segment.

We have witnessed the growing demand of online gaming, especially among young generations and women, so as a platform, how are you catering to both the parties in terms of gaming experiences and user safety as well?

The online gaming industry in India has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years. During the period of national lockdown, people have started spending most of their time online either scrolling through social media channels, working or gaming. The entire segment of the online gaming industry in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 21 per cent over FY21-FY25 to reach a size of Rs 29,000 crore, according to a study released by KPMG in India. The more people started investing in online gaming, the more the chance of frauds has increased. Here comes the importance of ensuring user’s safety and keeping their important information secured.

We as a platform always believe Fair play mechanism for our customers by executing auto fraud detection algorithms and detecting new frauds by dedicated anti-fraud teams. PlayerzPot gathers all the customer related queries, feedback & issues to one data lake then we frequently run our scripts which generate reports to helps Stakeholders & Product Managers in sprint planning to ensure our user’s information is safe and secured

5G is becoming a hot topic to discuss in the industry. Explain to us how it is going to help the industry and your platform too?

The gaming industry is evolving due to emergence of new technologies, internet penetration, smartphones, etc. The 5G Network will help to bring an additional level of depth to users in so many ways such as better connectivity, enhanced user experience, streaming, etc. 5G or the fifth-generation mobile wireless technology could significantly change the way we consume content on the Internet. The network will help in increasing the speed and responsiveness as well as bandwidth availability too.  

Due to the higher speed, lower latency and higher bandwidth, we will be able to see a much higher volume of data transmission. The introduction of 5G will introduce more cloud gaming services that enable mobile gaming enthusiasts to use location-based features better than they could do earlier. 5G will enable users to enjoy their game more on their mobile devices and make their mobile battery last longer too. We believe that 5G mobile gaming is set to become a huge global market.

Do you believe that new emerging technologies are going to bring the revolution in the gaming industry? Are you planning to adopt any of them in the near future for your platform?

Yes, definitely! We believe that new emerging technologies like AI, ML, VR are going to bring the revolution in the gaming industry.  Technology is always on the rise and adopting it with the changing time is becoming the need of the hour, especially when it comes to industries like gaming. The Indian fantasy gaming industry has already adapted new technologies to enhance their user-experience. The advanced technology helps in different ways be it user acquisition, retention or engagement.

Technologies like AR and AI provide users with an amazing and entertaining experience which is why leaders in the gaming industry are integrating these features into their platforms. Both the technologies are quite trending, besides being in interesting areas from users and company’s perspective too. 

New Areas that you are looking to expand.

We have always looked out to new areas to take advantage of for our platform. Every brand should adapt changes for their platforms to keep maintaining their growth momentum and engage users at the same time. Recently, during the period of IPL 14, we had a rebranding activity. The campaign was planned to accelerate the company’s growth and renew our corporate vision as well. The new avatar is very slick, youthful, and vibrant and showcases the purpose of the brand to build a delightful level-playing field for aspiring and skilled gamers across the country. Last year, during the period of coronavirus lockdown, we introduced 7 casual games on our platform such as Rummy, Ludo, Snake & Ladder, etc, with a vision to become a one-point gaming destination for our users.

The entire pandemic situation has provided us with an opportunity to consider our future plans to conceive new avenues to keep our users engaged and entertained. We have already started skill-based casual games with real money on our platform, which helped us to retain our users in the absence of real-live events.  In the coming months, we are looking forward to adding 7-8 more games on our platform to become one point of Gaming Platform.

In the year of 2021, we are anticipating a growth of 3X in user base and 10X in revenue. With the introduction of new games and diversification of our Real money gaming portfolio, we are targeting to meet all the expectations of the Gen Z audience. Not only this, we have launched Online rummy on our platform too after receiving remarkable response from our users and will be adding Poker by September 2021.

How can Techiexpert help you to spread word about their startup in the industry?

Techiexpert will help us in communicating company’s vision, messaging and offerings both to the stakeholders and users.

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