Emerging Technologies in Cloud storage Security and their Implications

By Srikanth
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Emerging Technologies in Cloud storage Security and their Implications 1

New advances in technology are revolutionizing how businesses store and safeguard their data in the realm of cloud storage. Businesses are increasingly relying on cutting-edge security solutions to protect their crucial data as cyber threats and data breaches proliferate.


The consequences for the sector are significant as more businesses employ cutting-edge solutions in cloud storage security. These technologies have the potential to completely transform how companies conduct business in the digital age, from better data protection to greater openness and accountability. Here are some expert’s opinions on the emerging technologies in cloud storage security

​Dan Garcia Chief Information Security Officer at EnterpriseDB 

Emerging Technologies in Cloud storage Security and their Implications 2

“Cloud storage has undoubtedly become a critical component of modern business operations, allowing organizations to access and share data from anywhere. However, this convenience comes with significant security challenges, making businesses that store data in the cloud more attractive targets for cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other security incidents.​

To offset the risk of these vulnerabilities, enterprises will need to deepen their employee education and training. Organisations that cannot safely scale in the cloud with in-house resources should partner with dependable third parties who possess proven experience in privacy, security, and cloud deployments. Additionally, the popularity and adoption of open source databases such as Postgres will continue to rise, selected for regular security and bug fixes and a rich community of members publicly optimising the code to mitigate security threats. Postgres, an open-source relational database management system, provides advanced encryption capabilities to help safeguard sensitive data. In addition, Postgres has robust features, such as granular access controls and row-level security that support Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology, ensuring data access and usage is closely monitored and controlled. 

Another emerging technology that will become a best practice in improving cloud storage security is Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). TDE greatly enhances data security by encrypting data at the database level, giving full control to the DBAs but preventing unauthorised access to customer data. It can aid in safeguarding confidential data and other cloud data assets from accidental exposure and unauthorised access by threat actors lacking the necessary decryption keys. Overall, this helps organisations create a security architecture that mitigates a number of threats that would contribute to a security breach.

As cloud storage continues to be adopted by businesses and individuals, it is crucial to prioritize cloud storage security. Investing in these emerging technologies can help mitigate risks and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and theft.”

Mr. Bhaskar Ganguli, Director, Marketing and Sales, Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Emerging Technologies in Cloud storage Security and their Implications 3

“How we manage and safeguard our digital assets is about to change thanks to emerging advances in cloud storage security. The hazards of cyberattacks and data breaches are constant as our society becomes more linked. However, new tools are improving cloud storage security thanks to machine learning, encryption, and blockchain developments. These technologies provide users with more transparency and control while enabling more robust security of sensitive data. As we adopt these innovations, we must consider how they will affect privacy, governance, and the larger digital ecosystem. With careful thought and cooperation, we can use these technologies to create a safer and more secure digital future.

However, the implications of these emerging technologies in cloud storage security are not without their challenges. For example, blockchain technology can be resource-intensive and require significant infrastructure investment. Additionally, homomorphic encryption can be computationally intensive, leading to slower processing times.

Emerging technologies in cloud storage security offer a promising solution to the challenges of securing sensitive data in the cloud. While there are still challenges to overcome, the potential benefits of these technologies make them a worthwhile investment for individuals and businesses looking to secure their data on the cloud.”

Mr. Vipin Vindal, CEO, Quarks Technosoft

Emerging Technologies in Cloud storage Security and their Implications 4

“Emerging technologies in cloud storage security are changing not only how data is kept and accessible, but they are also posing new challenges for both individuals and businesses. There has never been a more pressing need for secure and dependable cloud storage solutions as we develop an interconnected and data-driven world. A new era of cloud security is emerging that has the ability to protect our most private data thanks to developments in fields like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and AI-driven threat detection. However, these new technologies also bring with them new difficulties, such as the requirement for greater accountability and transparency as well as the possibility of unintended consequences. It is crucial that we remain vigilant as we continue to negotiate this fast changing environment.”

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