Emirates joins metaverse to get customers

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Emirates is expanding its NFT and metaverse experience for its customers and flight staff. Moreover, the company is planning to launch and release its own NFTs, which devotees can use like a memento for some of its utility purposes.


Emirates Plans to Fly with Non-Fungible Tokens

The airline announced that the Emirates Pavilion would be reconstructed as an innovative hub to build its metaverse ideas and NFTs. Apart from that, the company is also working on to seek some and onboard talent from all across the globe to input their expertise in progressing its ideas for the future of the airline’s.

This step highlights the advancement of the futuristic airline, which has been taking certain steps to offer an immersive experience for its customers over the globe. So far, it has nestled as a top applicant for providing the best flight services, including during the covid-19 period. As per the news which has been revealed this update is a motivation towards getting on board with latest and different technological advancements.

In a paired zone where the time when web 3.0 is dominating and revolving into the blockchain space, it is a great opportunity for platforms to consider. Metaverses are making some of the scenarios in the real world in virtual spaces, which eliminates the drawbacks of web 2.0 and other spaces. It also helps to opens the doors to multiple collaboration in different sectors, which helps to create better solutions for individuals across the globe.

USE and Dubai Leading in adopting the blockchain

Emirates airline is a legacy of the UAE, currently pioneering more engagements related to blockchain technology within its government. Along with blockchain, crypto is also the future of its economy, but it also believes in technology limitations. Dubai, being one of the wealthiest cities over the globe, is clasping more real-world use cases for the technology, with a brighter focus on the project through the Dubai Blockchain Strategy.

As per the Emirates, CEO Sheikh Ahmed Hakim bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the entire region is steering the digital space in a planned strategy. It focuses on following legal guidelines and other applicable policies to protect its citizens, guarantee data security, and make the most out of digital assets while leveraging AI technology.

As per the CEO of Emirates, this will not be the first attempt for the airline is making the most out of advanced technologies for the expansion of user experience. While customer satisfaction also aims to improvise the revenue, it accumulated from its businesses, developing the airline in the long run.

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