How To Ensure That Your App Quality Remains Good!

How To Ensure That Your App Quality Remains Good! 1

Are you an app developer? Then you may know how important it is to maintain the quality of your app to ensure app success. The users nowadays are very selective about the apps that they download. They are always on the lookout for new technologies and designs, so it is important to maintain the quality of your app.

When you visit the app store you may see many apps and even downloaded a few that are not good enough and doesn’t provide the services what they have promised. This happens because of the poor functionality and improper designs and flows that you don’t find appropriate. Many developers develop apps using outdated technology. This can result in an app that is not compatible with new devices and hence compromising the quality of the app.

Mobile app trends keep on changing day-by-day and so there are different apps and their updates introduced to the market every day. It becomes paramount for the development companies to maintain the quality of the app. But how is it possible? How can you make sure your app is qualitative enough for the modern day market? Below given are some tips that will help you to ensure the quality of your app.

Planning for the application development is the first and foremost thing that a developer needs to do. Even though you have experience in the development field, it is extremely important to have a plan before you proceed with the development process. Creating wireframes for the application can be the first step to planning for your app. After you have done with the development process planning, the next would be to start the requirement gathering and marketing strategies. Thus planning can give your application enough quality at the end that it deserves.

It is important that you develop your application on multiple platforms. If you are a start-up you can opt for hybrid apps that are cost-effective and can enable faster development process. Hybrid apps provide native UI design for the app that you build. Hybrid apps can give you access to multiple platforms too because of the nature of its codebase. Hybrid apps are as effective as native apps that promise good performance of your app hence ensuring the better quality of your app.

Track the performance of your app

The common mistake that every developer make is to ignore the app performance. App performance can say a lot about the app quality. Many times users are visiting your app to gain information, not to purchase your services. So it is important that you don’t flood your app with excessive features. The performance of your app accounts the speed of your app, navigational accessibility, UI and UX design of your app, etc. It is essential to keep track on each of these factors to ensure the quality of the app.

Ensure the security of your apps

It is of extreme importance that you ensure the security of your app because of the cyber threat that is hovering over us. According to a study conducted by Ponemon Institute, over 383 organizations suffered at least one breach in 2016 and the average cost per breach was 4 million US dollars. Therefore it is required to Armour your app with the best security measures, so your users don’t suffer the same fate. You can employee good verification process where the log-in is required in your app so the data of the user remains safe. Hence introducing good security measures ensures the better quality of the app.

Test your app properly

Testing is the most vital part of ensuring the quality of your app. If there are bugs in your application it can affect the performance of your app and can compromise the quality of your app. For the testing needs of your application, you can employee automated testing that can run multiple test cases at once. Unlike manual testing, automated testing is faster. Many developers ignore the test phase of the

Consider reviews and ratings

Reviews and rating keep you in direct contact with your end-users. It is also used to detect bugs, according to a survey, out of 44% of detectable bugs 20% is discovered by the user and is shared in the review section of the application. You must remember that the customers give their reviews after using the app so if there are any issues with your app, it can directly affect the quality of your app. So, it is a wise decision to consider the reviews of the customers and change your application accordingly.

Introduce layered user experience design

If you provide an app with layered UX design it will be hard for the user to leave your app. You can start by adding the basic functionality of the app and later add extensive features in the future updates. This will give your app a simple design that the user will be able to understand, hence ensuring the better quality of your app.

There are several companies that are perfecting their app with better quality designs and features. The above-mentioned tips will help you ensure the quality of your app during Better Mobile App Development and even after the development is complete. In this competition, it is really important to give your best app to the users because the users have become smarter and know which application is better for what needs. So it is important to ensure the better quality of your app for a better business.

Written by Parth Patel

Mr. Parth Patel is a digital marketer and Mobile Technologies Expert having 7+ years of experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing and Mobile Technologies.He has published many blogs and articles on marketing, Mobile trends and latest tools and technology.

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