Entertaining Apps That You Should Download

Entertaining Apps That You Should Download 1

How many times a day do we find ourselves waiting for one thing or another, hopping from one line to the next, or waiting to get from one end of town to the other? Isn’t it usually the case and so much social media we can look at before we grow bored? Sometimes, the problem comes from a loss of internet connection–be it your Wi-Fi failing you or you going out not having mobile data.

With a smartphone, we have access to a plethora of entertainment alternatives. However, without an internet connection while traveling, such as on a long car or plane flight, the majority of those choices are worthless. The good news is that with a little forethought, numerous iPhone and Android applications can keep you entertained throughout your commute or any other time when you don’t have Wi-Fi or a phone signal.

Here are some apps you can check out to keep you entertained on boring days, or days without internet.


The top cricket betting app in India – 10CRIC is one of the greatest sports betting and gambling websites on the market, catering to Indian gamers who are passionate about sports, notably cricket and football. 10Cric enables Indian sports enthusiasts to place bets on over 60,000 events every week across 60 different sports. This is not all; 10Cric also features hundreds of casino games, which are often offered by the market’s leading gaming suppliers. The 10Cric website is administered from Curacao by Chancier B.V, a corporation formed under the laws of Curacao. Curacao e-gaming has granted them the gaming license as well as the operating rights to the gaming software.

The 10Cric website is simple to use and explore. This is because it is aimed at the Indian market, where fans want simple information when it comes to sports. As a consequence, 10Cric has kept its website style basic and easy to understand so that even a first-time user can grasp everything at once.

Pocket Casts

Podcasts continue to gain popularity and provide an almost limitless amount of entertainment on virtually any subject you can think of. Pocket Casts is a fantastic all-around podcast player that allows you to select the right podcast episode and download it to listen to offline. When you discover something you want to save, simply click the Download option on the episode page. To listen to all of your downloaded podcasts, go to the Profile page and then Download.

The app offers more than simply a method to listen to podcasts while you’re not connected to the internet. You may quickly create a playback queue from your favorite subscriptions, reduce silence, modify the playback speed, and do a variety of other things. Anyone wearing an Apple Watch may manage playing and volume without touching their iPhone.


2048 is a math exercise hidden in a terrifically addictive matching game. Rather than simply trying to post as high a score as possible, though, this one sets a task, users must combine numbers to the point that they add up to 2048 in a single box. That means initially matching 2s, then 4s, then 8s, etc., until a pair of 1024s are next to each other.

It’s small, but the wonderful twist that makes the gameplay seem new. And having a task to aim for keeps people playing (as well as trying to better the scores of their friends). Like any of the best games, you’ll quickly understand the point and do fairly well — but it will be a long, long time before you truly master the game.

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