EOS enters 3D printing aircraft partnership with Etihad Airways

EOS, which is a technology supplier of the industrial 3D printing of the polymers and metals, and Etihad Airways Engineering which works on the maintenance of aircraft and engineering solutions have now partnered to expand some of the local capabilities for the industrial 3D printing in aviation, the company revealed in a statement.

The partnership has been finalized at the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Pix last weekend only and will now allow the Etihad Airways Engineering, a subsidiary of the Etihad Aviation Group to produce the aircraft parts at its facility in Abu Dhabi.

In the starting phase of collaboration, the two companies will be going to choose the processes, machines, and materials in accordance with the aviation regulatory requirements. The firms will be going to use the technology and an additive manufacturing system which is developed by the EOS at this stage.

“Etihad constantly invests in new technology and has identified additive manufacturing as a key technology for aviation interior parts, as well as applications beyond aerospace in the future,” said Bernhard Randerath, vice president of design, engineering, and innovation at Etihad Airways Engineering.

“The technology is a key enabler when it comes to design and innovation in our industry. Etihad is proud to work towards a vision of a 3D-printed cabin interior,” he added.

After all the initial steps are completed, Etihad Airways Engineering will be going to certify the additive manufacturing process and further develop the additive manufacturing capabilities which are totally based on this technology. The firm will also jointly work with the EOS to develop, qualify and test the new polymer materials.

In the process of long-term, Etihad also has a plans to roll out the additive manufacturing for its customers and within the ecosystem of broader aviation.

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