Essential Things to Know About Hybrid App Development Services

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Essential Things to Know About Hybrid App Development Services 1

Hybrid app development is the process or act by which an app is created for mobiles, including business smartphones, personal digital assistants, or palm or mobile phones. In this case, two or more apps are created with the help of various tools and techniques that are provided by hybrid app development companies. Some of these techniques include hybrid app development, which is a method and a procedure through which various third party applications are added to an existing mobile application package.


The main purpose of the hybrid apps development process is to provide an enhanced user experience by taking the functionality of the native apps and making it available in the hybrid apps. The difference between the native and the hybrid app development lies in the fact that the former uses the hardware resources of the device and accesses the files and data residing in the system storage whereas the latter allows third party applications to access the files and data residing in the memory of the device. This allows the users to perform tasks in the native apps with the help of third party applications, without having to modify the files of the native app.

There are several reasons on the basis of which hybrid app development has emerged as the most preferred option among businesses:

  • First of all, hybrid apps are developed using web technology and are compatible with several web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Android as well as IOS mobile operating systems are also supported. These platforms provide rich user experiences and cater to a large variety of device requirements. Since Android and IOS use different storage space for the files, it makes it difficult for the web developers to develop apps targeting both the platforms.
  • Since web browser based hybrid apps require a lot of programming work and are quite costly in comparison to the native apps, it is expected that a web developer opts for web based apps. But this does not mean that a native app should be avoided just because it is more expensive. Native apps for smartphones are comparatively less expensive as compared to hybrid apps. The reason behind this difference is that most Android users prefer to use native applications. So the possibility of getting enough customers for developing a successful app is less expensive in comparison to a web browser based app.
Essential Things to Know About Hybrid App Development Services 2

Web based hybrid applications have many advantages.

  1. One of the major advantages is that these apps can be accessed from any place using any network, be it a desktop computer or a smartphone. This is possible thanks to the presence of web-based applications that have been developed using web technologies. As a result of extensive research, the latest technologies like Bluetooth and Ionic are being used in order to allow access to mobile applications from a variety of mobile operating systems. In addition to this, web applications can be accessed from a variety of devices including, tablets, smart phones, laptops, netbooks, PCs and other net enabled gadgets. All this means that your business can be accessed from anywhere, be it from a tablet, laptop or a smartphone.
  2. Hybrid apps are also easier to develop and customize. These days, tech companies are focusing more on hybrid app development and mobile website development. You can easily get access to a range of mobile ready Android apps to choose from. As a result, you will not have to spend huge amounts on creating a customized version for each particular device. Android tech companies are constantly working on making their software capable of supporting various Android platforms. Hence, you can choose a suitable and unique application for the Android platform.
  3. Hybrid app developers also use the combination of technologies like Java script, flash and CSS. As a result, your web app will load faster and more smoothly on various android devices. Another advantage of hybrid web app development is that you will not have to create multiple hybrid apps for various devices. Instead, you can merge the functionality of the individual pages into one master page and create a uniform design. The combination of technologies provided by hybrid app development can make your web portals attractive and user friendly.

However, before incorporating these technologies in your mobile app, it is essential that you consult Atimi Hybrid Apps Development company. As a result, you will be able to get quality services at competitive prices. Once the entire process of hybrid app development is finalized, your mobile app can be easily accessed to a large number of users. The success of your business depends upon how well you use the mobile platform.

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