Ethereal Machines Launches Award-Winning CNC for Global Machining-as-a-Service

By Sunil Sonkar
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Ethereal Machines Launches Award-Winning CNC for Global Machining-as-a-Service

The manufacturing world is lately evolving at a rapid pace with the help of technology. Bengaluru-based startup Ethereal Machines stands out with innovation and resilience. Founded by Kaushik Mudda and Navin Jain, it has transformed from a college project to an award-winning enterprise. It is redefining the global machining industry.


Mudda and Jain’s foray into the world of CNC (computer numerical control) machining started from their college days. Their curiosity sparked with the limitations of a robotic arm that they had built. They started their journey to create own CNC machines. Initial they developed a three-axis machine. Soon they realized that more sophisticated solutions are required.

The duo thereafter created five-axis machines. It was a bold move and earned international acclaim. However, the journey was not smooth. They emerged with first prototype in 2018 and it was supported by $1 million in seed funding from Blume Ventures. Next, after about four years of efforts they came up with a market-ready machine. Skepticism and disheartening feedback from potential customers were common. Some doubted the capability of the young Indian entrepreneurs in producing such advanced technology.

Amid the challenges, the two decided to offer their creations as “Machining as a Service” instead of selling those. They provided precision components to customers worldwide. It was a strategic move and proved to be a game-changer. Their revenues quintupled last year and this was due to a growing fleet of machines operating around the clock in a “lights-out factory” setting.

Today, Ethereal Machines operates 21 machines. They have plans to expand to about 100 by the end of the fiscal year. Their next expansion plan is up to 1,000 within five years. They have state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot facility in Bengaluru.

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