Electric Vehicle Makers Are Passing On GST Benefits

By Sony T
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Electric Vehicle Makers Are Passing On GST Benefits 1

As petrol prices keep on hiking and pollution is on the peak, eco0friendly electric vehicles have become the government of India new project. The central government has come with several policies and schemes to boost the demand and manufacturing of EV’s. The journey to make up a market that will be filled with the challenges and opportunities.


EV’s might seem like the new shiny item in the market, but in a country, with severe power deficit, the consumers might even want to hold back from diving in. The center even tries to attempt to cut its carbon emission by taking internal combustion engine vehicle off the roads.

The Indian Electric Vehicle is relatively new; thus, the technology and infrastructure currently have mediocre compared to the first world countries, which has been working on electric vehicles for a long period of time.

Hyundai Motor and Ather Energy India have even decided to pass on the advantages of reduced tax to its customers. The step has been taken after the government has reduced the traction on the electric vehicles and its production.

The Goods and Services Tax on Electric Vehicles has reduced from 12% to 5%, as compared to 28% on conventional vehicles. The taxation and import duties on the parts of the electric cars have also been relaxed. By directing the advantages to the consumer, the rates of the electric vehicles will even be going to reduce the process of the Ather Energy scooters by INR 8k to INR 10 K which bringing them closer to that of petrol run counterparts.

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