Evolving Cloud Landscape in India Spurs Strategic Reevaluation

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Why Businesses Should Embrace New-Age Cloud Technologies

Cloud computing in India is changing a lot and companies are rethinking how they use it. Many jumped onto the cloud quickly, but now they are realizing they might have made some mistakes.


Companies are taking a closer look at their cloud plans, understanding the need to find the best spots for their data and work. The trick is to match resources and costs with what the business actually needs, avoiding unnecessary expenses and waste as well as making the most of cloud spending.

To do this well, it is crucial to scale computing and storage resources effectively. Using a cloud system that lets you adjust resources as needed helps businesses match their tech setup with what the business needs. Think of the cloud like a flexible tool and not something that fits everyone the same way.

For companies wanting to adapt to changes in how they do business, a flexible approach called a hybrid multicloud strategy is essential. This means spreading resources across different places like the edge, public clouds and private clouds on-site.

A big advantage of this approach is that it keeps everything running in a similar way across different setups. This makes everything easier and works better because you don’t have to use different tools and steps for each part of the plan. Having a complete tech strategy that ties together on-site, edge and hybrid multicloud lets companies stay flexible and responsive to business changes.

More and more companies are using AI applications for the long term. A flexible approach like the hybrid multicloud lets companies run AI applications where they work best.

Using AI in different setups lets companies get the most out of it, no matter how their tech is set up. With the costs of running AI going up, companies are realizing the value of handling AI data closer to where it is needed.

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