Ex-Tata Electronics Executive Ventures into Fabless Chips, Targets $70-100M Revenue

By Sunil Sonkar
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Ex-Tata Electronics Executive Ventures into Fabless Chips, Targets $70-100M Revenue

India’s semiconductor sector is set to take a transformative shape. Industry veteran and Tata Electronics OSAT P former CEO Raja Manickam has taken a step into a new venture with iVP Semi, a fabless semiconductor startup. The aim is basically to revolutionize chip design and simultaneously produce locally. It will address a critical gap in the tech landscape of the country that is dominated by international giants such as SD Micro and Texas Instruments.


The core is to leverage India’s emerging semiconductor ecosyste . Tata Electronics and CG Power are already expanding semiconductor facilities in Gujarat and Assam. iVP Semi plans to capitalize on the two infrastructure by sourcing wafers from Taiwan, Japan and Korea. It will handle packaging in India once the two infrastructures are operational. Conduct tests too will be in-house.

iVP Semi sees substantial market potential as it initially focused on the power sector like renewable energy, battery storage and smart grid technologies. Raja Manickam emphasized the growing demand for electronics in smart grids. He estimates the market in the power sector would be around $3.5 billion. This highlights the vast opportunities ahead for it.

iVP Semi has successfully secured $5 million in a pre-Series A funding round. The fresh capital will support scaling operations, setting up testing facilities as well as expanding workforce. The company plans to establish chip design centers in Chennai and Bengaluru.

iVP Semi has collaborated with the Tamil Nadu government and is set to establish a 20,000 sq ft production test facility in Chennai. It has a future plan of a second facility in South India. It aims to create employment opportunities about 300 professionals in the period of next three years.

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