Expectations from Google’s AI chatbot Bard

Google unveils ChatGPT rival Bard

The latest release of Google chatbot, Bard is lacking in pizazz. The CEO of the company Sundar Pichai addressed these concerns on the New York Times’ Hard Fork podcast. While acknowledging the weaknesses of Bard, Pichai revealed that an injection of raw power was imminent.

In some particular areas, Google appreciated its no-nonsense explanations and has also noticed the potential for something great in its direct-but-counterintuitive answers.

Pichai has mentioned its words on Hard Fork which is very much aware of putting Bard out in a careful manner. It is seen as the beginning of a journey for Google. It was the very first time when Google was putting out to go through the fact what type of queries they would get.

Bard” in the logo on the Bard homepage is followed immediately by the word “experiment.” The blog post announcing Bard in an early experiment that lets you collaborate with generative AI. The Public didn’t dial its expectations exactly as per the expectations of the Pichai.

Pichai also mentioned that Google tried to prime users to its creative collaborative queries. He thinks that it was slightly lost. Google has launched one of the smaller models, what’s powering Bard.

Bard acts as a “souped-up Civic”. This is considered as an older appeal to Google’s humility that may not win the sympathies. Google has been accused by the Justice Department of monopolistic business practices. Bard’s parent company Alphabet is one of Fortune Magazine’s top 10 most powerful companies in the world.

Pichai says that the chatbot is about to get upgraded to a new model very soon.  The entire team at Google is having more capable models. Upgrading Bard to more capable PaLM models will boost the capabilities, reasoning, and coding.

Pichai also made the explanation about the safety and user experience that are of paramount concern. The model is under the primary stage of development, which will be having more capable models to plug in over time.

Google has an intention to keep the expectations low in this area. And as per the recent accusations, the company is training its models on outputs from ChatGPT which was primarily denied by Google. Google is also facilitating a large training program to a large language model on outputs from someone else’s large language model is a little like photocopying a map.

Pichai also mentioned that the future is going to be more powerful. Personalized models exist for every user. The personalized models are envisioned when we were building Google Assistant. But we have the technology to actually do those things now. It is inevitable to keep in mind that Bard is owned by the company that owns or develops the products billions of people use to organize their lives.

Written by Udit

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