Expo Essentials – 5 Things No Expo Or Trade Show Stall Should Be Without

By Srikanth
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Expo Essentials - 5 Things No Expo Or Trade Show Stall Should Be Without 1

Capturing the attention of attendees is the number one goal of tradeshow exhibitors. As such, effective tradeshow booth design is crucial to not only capturing that attention but also to maximize the awareness of your brand.


It’s important to create a one-of-a-kind exhibit that effectively showcases your brand’s personality. In the following information, we’ll take you through several of the most important aspects no expo or tradeshow booth should be without.

1. Media Walls

If you aren’t familiar with media walls, they are the giant, standalone murals you see at many tradeshows today. These masterpieces can be single or double-sided and can contain as many panels as you want.

Sometimes also called “Great Walls,” media walls display logos, messages, and more in a grand fashion to attract attention. While many tradeshow exhibits use media walls, your booth should include one that’s both visually and emotionally attractive.

2. The Right Graphics

A good tradeshow booth design uses both printed and digital graphics. Printed materials should include legible fonts as well as bold, colorful images. Be sure their message is loud and clear because attendees won’t stick around long if they have to guess what you’re trying to say.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate https://www.leddisplayrentals.net/ digital graphics into your display, as well. At the very least, the changing images will give your visitors various things to look at, but you should take the opportunity to broadcast videos of your product(s) in action, too.

3. Signage

In addition to a media wall, your dedicated space should also include large, hanging signs that attract attention from across the show. If the tradeshow is especially large and busy, having signs hanging high above your booth will help bring in potential clients that might not have seen your booth otherwise.

Again, make the signs bold but simple, and don’t make the viewer guess what you’re about. Nothing makes an attendee angrier than making the trek across a busy tradeshow only to find out that what they thought they were getting is not what they get at all.

4. Product Demos

People love to see product demonstrations before they actually dish out cash to buy said products. While you know you have an awesome product, and it practically sells itself, allowing your visitors to see it in action can only help increase your sales.

What’s even better is if your product can be interactive, too. If visitors can test the product themselves, or be a part of the demonstration, they will be more likely to purchase your product.

5. Storage

Don’t underestimate how valuable storage space is at a tradeshow, especially for keeping personal items hidden and safe. Storage space such as underneath counters or in closets/lockers can reduce clutter. This will help your booth look better and reduce tripping risk. Furthermore, if you have locking storage space, your booth staff can keep valuable items such as purses, tablets, etc. inside when not in use. Lastly, if you are hosting any giveaways or handing out promotional materials, having somewhere to put these items out of sight will help your booth look more professional.

When it comes to tradeshow booth design, it’s important you have the right type of signage displaying the right kind of graphics, interactive product demonstrations, and plenty of storage to convey a professional, one-of-a-kind experience for the attendees. From media walls to locking storage solutions, no expo or tradeshow stall should be without the features listed above. Make sure yours has them all at your next tradeshow event. 

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