EY rolls out zero-knowledge proof blockchain transaction tech


One of the largest and widest professional services firm EY yesterday has launched a series of new blockchain based solutions and services for the Indian market.

“The potential positive impact of blockchain on the Indian economy is enormous,” said Prashant Garg, EY’s partner at its data analytics practice. “It can streamline and accelerate an organization’s business processes, increase protection against cyber threats and reduce or eliminate the roles of intermediaries.”

The services and solutions include the EY Smart Contract Analyzer, Blockchain Analyzer, and Ops Chain and the firm zero knowledge of technology and proof.

EY revealed that it has also developed a list of more than 300 standard tests that can even cover with the aspects ranging from the known malware to the coding errors and is also deploying these tests into the system in the categories from the security flaws to the efficiency concerns.

The service also allows for the development of the customized tokens tests and continues monitoring for the changes.

The firm also revealed that the analytical tool has also undergone with the significant developments as a part of multi-million dollar investments over the past two years and now even supports for the latest new cryptocurrencies on the different kind of blockchains.

The firm also revealed its zero-knowledge proof private transaction protocol in the public domain to help them to accelerate the adoption of private, secure transactions over the pubic blockchains.

“Transactions processed using this technology are private to all blockchain users except those authorized to see the information,” the company said in a statement.

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