Face-scanning A.I. can help doctors spot unusual genetic disorders

Facial recognition can help to unlock your phone. As it could also be able to play for a much more valuable role in the people lives by simply identifying whether or not a person has a rare genetic disorder, which is as of now exclusively based on their features of faces. According to the report which has been revealed by the DeepGestalt, which is an artificial intelligence built by the Boston based technology company FDNA, suggests that the answer is a resounding yes.

The algorithm is already being used by some of the leading at more than 3000 sites in the upward of 130 countries across the globe. In a new study which has been shown, researchers show that how the algorithm was able to outperform the clinicians when it came to identifying the diseases.

The study comes up with 20000 kids with the 200 plus genetic disorders. Its best performance one of whose differentiating between the subtypes of a genetic disorder named the Noonan Syndrome, one of whose symptoms includes the mildly unusual facial features. The Artifical Intelligence was able to make the correct distinction 64 percent of the time. This is much more far from the perfect, but it is also much more intelligent which is better than the human clinicians, who even identified the Noonan Syndrome correctly in just 20 percent of the cases.

“DeepGestalt is a facial image analysis framework that is able to highlight similarities to hundreds of genetic disorders,” Yaron Gurovich, chief technology officer at FDNA, told Digital Trends. “It is a type of artificial intelligence that is able to efficiently learn the relevant visual appearances of genetic conditions, and provide relevancy scores for [them]. It is based on recent machine learning tools, called deep learning. In practice, we use artificial neural networks to learn subtle patterns in the face and create a mathematical representation for those. DeepGestalt is like a mathematical aggregated representation of the knowledge of thousands [of] experts.”


Written by Udit Agarwal

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