Facebook buys Ozlo to boost its conversational AI efforts

Facebook buys Ozlo to boost its conversational AI efforts2

Facebook is gaining unexpected grounds in AI technology and its latest venture proves that there is no stopping it. Recently, it acquired Ozlo, a start-up working on conversational AI and all the employees of the team has joined Facebook to renew the forces challenging natural language processing. Last year, Ozlo launched a successful app for consumer conversations and the technology was then growing immensely with other big players becoming interested too. However, Ozlo was operating independently as of now, but the recent move means that its independence is cut short, but its stakes are further consolidated. However, it is important to investigate the reasons why it sparked Facebook’s interest.

The shift in March

Ozlo came up with an API suit during the month of March this year and it contained something known as knowledge graph. This graph was supposed to be the database required for anything to be called intelligent. By selling this layer as a service to developers, Ozlo ensured that there was a constant supply of great wealth of information to them. However, this layer will no longer be available, along with converse API from the same suit. Similarly, the consumer bot released by Ozlo will also be taken down and more experiments will be carried out to merge it with Facebook messenger.Facebook buys Ozlo to boost its conversational AI efforts

The goal of Facebook

As for Facebook, the concern is largely to ensure better business propositions for 1.2 billion people who use messenger to do so. Ozlo will be the perfect feather in the crown since they already have a vast experience in API building through a proven combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Having said that, there are still a few gaps in between as Ozlo team is not sure about their work in Facebook. Of course, it does have a role to play in restructuring and bettering the messenger bots as its own bot has been taken down for the purpose. But, what exactly the requirement would be is not the clearest.

Competitions all around

While Facebook does have an edge in this regard, the big names are not shying away from acquisitions that make them more powerful and more efficient in their performance. Apple has made similar acquisitions where similar knowledge graphs can be produced through unstructured data. Hence, everyone is racing towards a similar aim of making their bots better and more human-like. Facebook’s inherently communicating nature makes it easier for them to take the next step quicker than others. However, it might also be possible that Facebook could be doing something else too since they refused to disclose their purchase. Whatever be the case, the results will be visible within a few months if things go well in the AI front of Facebook.

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