Facebook declares an open Battle against ‘Clickbait’

Facebook, the social networking giant, is always trying to make its users experience better and smoother by constantly introducing new features or fixing up the problems with the old ones. Keeping in line with its these efforts, Facebook has now taken upon itself to save its users from several of the Clickbaits that its users have to deal with on a daily basis.

Clickbait is a term used to describe web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of accuracy or quality or both, by banking on using headlines that are eye-catching or sensationalist. Sometimes, it also makes use of misleading pictures as thumbnails to entice people to click on the articles and then forward them over several social media platforms.

Facebook’s first battle with clickbait started in the year 2014, when it made an official announcement of trying to make its user’s news feed more interesting and relevant to their taste by filtering out the good stories from spammy ones.

But, we guess, it’s plan then didn’t work out that well and hence, the social networking giant is taking a second chance at making this work.
According to a statement issued by Facebook Inc., the largest social media company in the world is now making use of a system that is capable of identifying phrases that are most commonly used as attractive “clickbait” headlines. These pharases range from to “… What happens next is hard to believe,” to “… and his reaction was priceless!”

Facebook has clearly stated that the headlines that exaggerate or mislead the information given in the article would also be considered as “clickbait”. According to the social networking giant stories with headlines such as “Apples Are Actually Bad For You?!” is misleading and will be considered as a clickbait because apples are only bad for ones health if he/she eats too many of them every day.

Here’s wishing Facebook success the second time around.


Written by Kirti Sharma

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