Facebook, Instagram Integration Improved With Deeper Account Center Integration

By Srikanth
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Facebook and Instagram are already ready to offer better integration as parent companies. The parent company, Meta, has made a big announcement regarding its testing, which is basically a deeper integration across both platforms. The company has officially declared the two updates that include a new user interface for the Accounts Center feature across mobile and Web platforms as well. The update is also regarding the redesigned login and onboarding experience on its mobile apps. The two latest features are intended to make it easier for users to switch between and create new accounts and profiles on Facebook and Instagram. The company, upon the criterion of facilitating the notification feature to its users for both Facebook and Instagram profiles in the same place.


Meta has introduced that the new interface is currently in the testing stage, which is expected to permit its existing users who have added their Instagram and Facebook credentials to the same Account Center. They are going to facilitate the comfort of switching between the two applications without navigating to their phone’s home screen, multitasking menu, or app drawer. Meanwhile, a redesigned mobile login and onboarding experience are also under the experimental stage, which will be supported by both iOS and Android users to sign in or create multiple accounts with a single Instagram or Facebook credential.

As per the confirmations, the existing security features will continue to apply to the updates that include blocking unrecognized devices from using interoperating login credentials for Instagram and Facebook accounts. Their accounts are inclusive of the two-factor authentication feature turned on for either of the accounts.

The notification facility about any account activity across Facebook and Instagram accounts on a single Accounts Center section will also be added to it. This also includes the creation of a newly linked Facebook or Instagram account.

As per the wording made by the company, both features are being tested across the globe. The latest revealed features are currently limited to Facebook and Instagram only.

The updates have arrived after the introduction of Meta accounts in August of this year and a recently reported downturn in both revenue and user growth for the American social-media giant.

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