Facebook to Customize User Feed, Asks Users for More Help to Improve Its Algorithms

By Srikanth
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The parent company of Facebook, Meta Platforms, is soon going to ask some users for more direct feedback on what they like to see in their feed and what they don’t. Later this will be considered as part of a broader effort to compete with TikTok and show the post to the people they don’t follow.


As marked by the company, the users will soon have a look at the “show more” and “show less” buttons on posts that appear in their feed. These buttons will act as a direct way to transmit to the company what things they’re interested in. further, Facebook will be using this feedback to temporarily alter the kinds of content people. The Facebook parent company will work to improve “discovery” across the company’s applications and surface new posts and videos to people from others they don’t already follow.

Meta had already personalized user feeds on the social media giants- Facebook and Instagram by using a number of signals, such as Likes and follows. But the overall impact of the new “show more” and “show less” buttons will be both direct and temporary. These buttons will likely impact the algorithm for 30 to 60 days and will also help in dictating the kind of accounts that show up in feeds. This statement has been said by the head of Facebook’s core app, Tom Alison.

Tom also added that the team is looking at the matter as a signal received by the company from the users that is a little more time-bound than liking a post. Tim had the intention to communicate with Facebook about how the users feel about the content at the moment.

The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, has marked his words by saying that improving “discovery” is a key focus for Meta. This focal point is seen as a key strength of TikTok. Meta has spent a lot of time and resources on building a competing short-form video product that was named Reels.

The “show more” and “show less” options are going to be visible on some posts; apart from this, they will also work on ads. “It’s not designed” for ads, Tom admitted, “but you can apply these controls to ads.”

The head of Facebook’s core app has also said that this is all about delivering a relevant experience to the users.

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