Facebook to remove location tracking tools

Facebook to remove location tracking tools 1

Facebook is now working on to remove the larger trails on the social network, it will vanish away the location and data histories of its users.

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms revealed the news in a silent way, awaking users via in-app elicits and emails but not making public announcements.

The characteristic is on its background location tracking: Nearby Friends, and weather alerts.

The message usually used to tells about the FB application that would restrict recording location data in the background on May 31—and after 1st of August, the company would cut out location history of its users.

That will result in Facebook’s bulk deletion of data since November last year to close down its facial-recognition system and wipe out the database it had built from the same.

Emil Vazquez, a Meta spokesperson, revealed that the company was closing these features “due to low usage.”

The data collection on some of these applications, mentioned by research director of the Center for Democracy and Technology, Dhanaraj Thakur. The man published in December in one of his report highlighting law-enforcement and intelligence agencies buying location data as a workaround for due-process requirements.

Unluckily, the problem is not that much complicated for Facebook. Keeping its user’s data safe with itself so that it can alone get rid of access to its audience by demographic, interest and some other criteria, but smaller data brokers that often obtain some of the demographic data by implanting their code in other applications.

And unlike Facebook (and Google), which let their users visualize, edit, download and even delete their location histories, these third parties permit no such control.

“Our matter of fact is far away from social media giant, FB,” Thakur said. “The data broker ecosystem is so non-transparent, and there are so many celebrities involved.”

Most of the wireless carriers automatically helps to grab the smartphone location by the help of signals, but retain the resulting records of your location from around 1-5 years. The wireless carriers have also been seized selling this information to data brokers.

Facebook assembles and has tremendous amounts of location data which can be linked to various private data individuals.

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