Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time

Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time2

Nowadays, people are adapting to mobile devices everywhere and it is impossible to prevent them from accessing the social media platform. So, every place is now insecure to an extent since people can easily share things through social media and that jeopardizes the security question to a great extent. Considering this scenario, security must evolve and has to ensure that mobile devices too can be blocked if necessary in the work environment. However, the process is complex and as usual, cloud has come to rescue.

Once cloud is integrated on the management software that controls an office environment, this can control any network as long as the device is on it. That will block social media access immediately during the productive periods. Such is the impact of this innovation that as many as 50 schools have come up to adapt this new technology to ensure that their students are less distracted. The most diverse companies have realized the utility of this software to increase the quality of time spent learning or working.

Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time

Blocking is the first step

Prohibition may well be the first step to protection, but it surely won’t last if you let your shoulder down after this. You have to teach young minds as well as professionals regarding the responsible use of technology. Using social media at work can put you at risk in more than one ways and thwart the company’s security too. Blocking is the same thing as banning and banning is a prehistoric way of dealing with things.

In fact, banning can adversely affect the digital education in school premises. So, mobile devices are still in the nascent stage of growth and hence, instructing peoples how to become responsible with it instead of treating it as a simple device for fun. However, this new innovation is highly efficient and can surely work well in more restricting environments. Unlike other mobile management tools whose security can be breached even by school children, this ensures that it will need quite a bit of skill from the user’s side to break the security down.

An ideal for corporate environment

Since it operates largely on cloud, it is a perfect fit for corporate environment. You can actually work with customizable environments by choosing what to block and when to block for your employees. In schools, the issue becomes more complicated because of the simultaneous necessity and prohibition of internet usage. While students should be blocked from uploading videos on YouTube or accessing social media in class, they will also have to be given access to particular educational sites which makes it a more complex process.
It is possible to alter the security according to location as the technology suggests. The growth of education as a powerful business has been looming large for some time now and understanding the dynamics of this business requires a renewed understanding of security, especially when something as volatile as student community is involved. Whether such security measures will be socially acceptable or not is another debate which needs to be addressed later.


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