Facebook’s Lifestage app is a video-centric social app for teenagers

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is always coming up with new ideas to keep up with the new trends and the ever-evolving current generation. With Snapchat drawing a massive engagement from teenagers all around the world, Facebook had to come up with something new to keep the younger generation interested. From Facebook’s latest attempts Instagram Stories and live filters, one can easily apprehend that Facebook is quite desperate to attract the teenager’s attention towards them. And now, Facebook has launched Lifestage, a new video-centric, standalone social app especially for high school students.

In order to complete one’s Lifestage profile, one will have to take selfies and videos of their facial expressions, likes and dislikes. The app will ask the user to also take videos of their best friends, to do some dance moves on the camera, take photo of their food etc. As specified in the first paragraph, the app has been designed for high school students, meaning one won’t be able to see profiles of people older than 22.

Lifestage has been created by 19-year-old Michael Sayman, a Facebook employee who has been with the organisation since he passed high school. He has been into developing applications since 13 years of age. Seeing his talent, passion and vigour, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg personally invited Michael to become a part of his Facebook family.

The app shows its users profiles of other kids going to their school and all the other ones nearby, similar to how the social networking site Facebook used to work in its starting days. The app will only unlock profiles from one’s school if over 20 students have signed up.

Let’s see if Lifestage becomes a same status among teenagers as Facebook earlier had in its beginning. Well, that only time will tell, we guess.

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