Facts to consider before selecting the mobile app development platform

Facts to consider before selecting the mobile app development platform 1

The mobile app development sector has become a lucrative field in this day and time. Several small-scale and large-scale businesses are considering a digital approach for their business. As the significance of mobile applications is increasing, the businesses have to understand the business potential of their early app arrival in the industry. The earlier they introduce their app, more familiar the users can get with their business.

The businesses that are getting an app are following the trend of iOS app development at the initial stage. But it doesn’t mean we should make the choice in haste. There are other platforms too that can be helpful in growing your business such as the hybrid apps. Here is an introduction to Android, iOS, and hybrid platform that can give you an idea of what are you dealing with.

iOS platform

The iOS is a closed platform, means the apple has the total control over the features and technology that iOS platform introduces. Hence the platform is known for its quality and precision. The iOS platform can surely promise a feature-rich application to the users. Studies suggest that iOS owns only 30% of market shares but brings in 70% of total generated revenue in the app market.

Android platform

The Android platform promises a vast user base to the developers publishing their app in the play store. Android is an open source so the applications can be customized according to the developer’s needs. Studies suggest that Android controls 88% of the world Smartphone market.

Hybrid platform

A Hybrid platform app is a combination of HTML 5 and native app plug-ins. The primary advantage of the hybrid app is that with the help of one codebase your application can be compatible with multiple platforms which might also seem like a cost-effective solution.

There are several advantages to all app development platforms. But it is important to develop your app on a platform that can benefit your business. Here are some factors that you need to consider for a beneficial business.

Targeted audience

Targeting the audience is an important part of any business initialization. Once you target your audience you will know the geographical dominance of the user base and then you can know the dominant platform user base in the exact geographic location and build your application on that platform.

Platform’s future outlook

A platform that can handle the growing user base of your application can help you provide better service to the users. If the platform seems promising regarding the embedment of new and trending technological features, then it will be beneficial to your business.

Security capabilities

Every platform deals with security issues in their own manner. They also provide security features and capabilities on a different level. Therefore it falls upon your shoulders about which platform to choose for your app development. If you are looking to develop an enterprise app then you should opt for a platform with better security. But if you are looking to develop a gaming app or an entertainment app then you can opt for a platform that has moderate security capabilities.

Cost of development

The cost of development matters if you are a new business and your budget is low. A company in such situation can opt for a hybrid app development, because of its low development cost. Once you have developed your app for multiple platforms, it can give your business a required boost.

User expectation

Before you select the platform, consider the capabilities of your future app and your development partner whether they will be able to put together a useful app. Hence the user expectation is an important factor in your app success.

The factors given above are needed to be considered before you select the platform for your app development for a better mobile application. Many companies of mobile app development in Kuwait, Australia, India, the USA, etc, are really helpful in suggesting businesses which platform to select for their development purposes. Hence it is advised to consult with such reliable development companies for the selection of the right mobile app development platform.

Written by Fahad Al Roomi

Mr. Fahad Al Roomi is the Founder and CEO of Shoretech. Having 9+ years of experience in the IT industry he has acquired great expertise in business development, project coordination and dealing with global clients. Being an IT entrepreneur he has published many articles and blogs on and mobile technologies, mobility solutions, etc.

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