Fanisko Secures Funds to Advance AR, VR, Generative AI Technologies

By Sunil Sonkar
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Fanisko Secures Funds to Advance AR, VR, and Generative AI Technologies

This is an era of artificial intelligence (AI) and most of the startups are working on generative AI (GenAI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). One such name making waves lately is Fanisko. It is a digital product and solutions firm and has successfully secured a significant investment from early backer Karna D. Shinde. The funding is an important moment in the journey of the startup towards technological innovation.


The exact figure of new investment is yet to be disclosed, but the impact on the future of Fanisko is unmistakable. The capital will fuel its ambitious plans to advance its capabilities in AR, VR, GenAI and cloud computing.

Fanisko, COO and co-founder Aravind Sampath expressed enthusiasm and stated that the new investment validates their vision of transforming how businesses engage with customers through digital experiences. The capital will also help them in accelerating development of solutions to blur physical and digital worlds.

The growth strategy of Fanisko is expanding mode with its offerings covering several key domains. It aims to enhance digital environments through AR and VR as these two hold vast potential in entertainment, training and retail sectors. Moreover, the company has plans to leverage GenAI and elevate products and services. Cloud migration efforts will focus on securing its cloud infrastructures. It is simultaneously committed to data engineering that will help in turning raw data into actionable insights with the help of advanced analytics and machine learning.

Karna D. Shinde said they are revolutionizing digital engagement with the help of seamless blending of AR, VR, AI and cloud technologies. They are creating unparalleled user experiences that capture attention and build brand loyalty.

Client base of Fanisko are mostly from sectors like sports, media, retail and enterprises.

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