Farmagain brings in digital farming with complete Ecosystem

Farmagain brings in digital farming with complete Ecosystem 1

Tamil Nadu begins to be the home to many entrepreneurs and various startup followers. Hence, the idea to drop new list of certain developing startups frames to be demanding and reaches out to many. Relating to a certain startup mentions to be Farmagain.

Farmagain is an end-to-end farm solutions company that is specifically aiming and focusing on to increase and develop farm yields by combining technology and traditional farming knowledge. Founders of Farmagain, Ben Raja and Raj Kancham moved on from their corporate careers and laid forward to Ben’s hometown ‘Tirunelveli’ for launching Farmagain in 2012, as an effort to change and replicate the conventional wisdom of thinking.

At every Farmagain field, IoT devices look after the information regarding the moisture content and soil conditions. They further, also regulate a network of pipes controlling water and fertilizer inputs. The data is analysed and farmers are given required guidance regarding certain inputs and outputs of farming techniques and soil irrigation. The founders have converted over 2,500 acres of land into organic farms creating and developing tractability of the product to the specific farms from where the produce was separated. The startup has on-boarded over 1,000 farmers, and has also tied up with top retailers across the country.

Farmagain believes in the process of digital farming, involving traditional farming techniques that provide the farmers better opportunities to occupy their farms with good and rich soil and crops. This startup involves providing information regarding crops, water and nutrition that names to be ‘CropSense,’ ‘WaterSense,’ ’NutriSense’ and ‘ClimateSense’. Farmagain provides relative information regarding its ecosystem facilities that involves:

  • Farmagain Ecosystem is a Agri Value Chainmethod of communication between various stakeholders in the Agri Value Chain
  • Farm input/seed suppliers and service providers know 6 to 9 months in advance which growers need farm inputs or services 
  • Buyers know crop and quantity of the harvest almost 3 months in advance
    Consumers can find out when and where their favorite seasonal vegetable or fruit is going to be available
  • Governments, NGOs, banks, insurance companies can utilize the rich information enabled by the GroTron platform for their decision making process
    Other online agri marketplace providers can leverage data through our platform

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