FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting – The Pacing Ace

Web hosting is an upcoming and emerging business of today. They make the work of other businesses and individuals easy whilst building a website. These basically make the website more viewable through its innovative technologies and services. One such emerging cloud-based web hosting service is FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting. The headquarter is in San Francisco, USA, and founded in 2013. Fastcomet claims to be a ‘privately funded cPanel based cloud hosting service provider’; one of the many web hosters out there. It also claims to have some 50,000 active clients worldwide, 70 employees, and 20,000+ cloud nodes.

Shared hosting servers on Superfast SSD

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They launched their first version in 2014, a year after they entered certain known businesses. By 2016, they gained a considerable number of employees in their firm, which helped them expand their customer service arena. They have experienced number 1 ranking throughout their career by multiple web hosting committees as well. This year, 2020, they have rolled out an infrastructure update for Shared Hosting Environment switching all servers to Dedicated AMD EPYC CPUs.

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting is increasingly gaining popularity, despite having mega-conglomerates in the business who own almost every brand out there, owing to their many advantages or why we ought to have them.

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting - The Pacing Ace

Control Panel

cPanel, and only that of the latest version, controls the provided panel. The benefits of having a well-known panel are provided here. Some are:

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting - Control Panel
  • Intuitive and familiar
  • Compatibility guaranteed for hundreds of one-click installs
  • Familiar backup forms and security

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting – Advantages

Beating Uptime

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting openly compares and proves how their operation duration and uptime are stronger and better than many web hosting servers. 

They blatantly prove themselves the best on their official website and continue to live up to their claims, on an impressive basis, to date

Performance & Speed

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting ensures its customers with an uptime of 99.99%. This infers you are guaranteed that valuable visitors to your site will never discover your site is down or loading slow. The hosting solution ensures its clients faster rendering by utilizing free CDN from Cloudflare. This infers your site is hosted in various servers spread over the globe to lessen the distance content voyages when customers make any queries.

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting - Performance & Speed

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting utilizes free SSL Certificates that are encoded with SHA-256 hashing algorithms. These SSL certificates help verify connections quicker than the regular kinds by encrypting the connection between the customer’s web browser and their web server. This implies your server information is shielded from man-in-the-center assaults. It likewise supports phishing assaults and builds better rank in search engines. They guarantee a load time of 722ms.

Quick and Responsive Personal Fastcomet Support

Comprising a small and efficient team, they manage to be there for their customers most of the time. Having held up 400,000 live chats, their considerable-sized team connects with their customers on a fast and friendly basis, while other big firms struggle to match. They claim to have invested massively in their customer service department. They claim to provide their customers with:

Quick and Responsive Personal Fastcomet Support
  • 24/7 monitoring – To detect problems before they turn into issues, they use proactive monitoring systems for serving their customers.
  • Added security – The plans available in the CMS are designed for preventing exploits through a free firewall.
  • Full support for FastComet Managed Cloud hosting aspects – the FastComet support team has always been there to provide necessary help via emails and more, despite servers’ provision.

The web host uses numerous client support mediums to get in touch with various customers and fix their queries. The most outstanding of these channels is an immediate telephone line that enables you to talk legitimately to any of their expert support staff members. You can additionally pick to utilize their 24/7 live chat support that enables you to straight away speak with helpful staff. Although their chats can sometimes have a short delay, it takes a limit of 5 minutes to get an expert to address your questions.

Money-Back/ Refund Facility

FastComet Money-Back/ Refund Facility

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting remains popular to offer a 45 day or more duration for the customers to get a refund if, for some reason, they wish to discontinue. This time period has managed to be unique from the firms we usually operate our sites with. That’s our hint of change!

Free Daily Backups

Having to lose important information created through your hard effort may seem like a nightmare to you, but FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting turns that possibility into a daydream. It provides for free backups daily with giving their storage facility for about a month and providing the facility with updating older backups. 

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare content delivery network is an included provision in the basic plans. These are very useful for the sites’ viewability across worldwide servers, and it is loaded at a fast speed. This also is open-source friendly, and fast comet is one of the best alternatives for this possibility. You certainly need CDN if you want to grow your business.

FastComet Cloudflare CDN

Say, your hosting company has a data center in the US, and you have a visitor from the UK or Germany, and then your page loads slowly for them due to network latency. No customers like websites that load lethargically. With CDN, your web pages are served from the nearest CDN data center. Cloudflare has 116 data centers around the world. So your pages load faster from anywhere in the world. This will result in happy customers, higher Google rankings, and successful business.

Free Domain for a Lifetime

FastComet - Free Domain for a Lifetime

Your domain name being free after the first year of it being issued is one of the major attractions of FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting. The transparent pricing of Fastcomet wins it many praisings. This facility is not very common or easy to find in many web hosting providers online.


The web host’s overall costing is very pocket friendly and cheap for the vast amount of services and technology that it provides to its customers and next to free domain names and daily backups.

Caching Mechanism

FastComet Started offers HTTP/2 like features, and it is responsible for enhancing loading speed more. The HTTP/2 is allowed by default on StartSmart and ScaleRight programs. You will benefit from having 3x more resources per account and 3x fewer users on a server with a high-performance php7 hosting environment consisting of:

Shared hosting servers on Superfast SSD

The top-rated Hosting Solution for personal and small business websites
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  • Fastcomet Litespeed LSAPI
  • APC
  • OPcache
  • Static and Dynamic Varnish cache
  • JavaScript bundling
  • Browser optimization
  • Cache header optimization
  • Aggressive GZIP
  • Lossless data compression
  • Asynchronous resource loading
  • AutoMinify
  • KeepAlive

Free SSL Certificate

Finally, there are SSL certificates. Every plan comes with a free one, and you can also buy more expensive certificates as well — though it isn’t obvious why the $70 particular SSL is any better, considering they all have the same features. Each way, the best guarantee also covers FastComet’s subdomain, though it doesn’t come low-cost. A free SSL certificate is usually neglected by many, but it comes in handy when you least expect it. Owning it is considered safe and clever.

FastComet - Free SSL Certificate

So, if you were also planning to toss off the idea of having one, think over!

You should also consider FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting because it isn’t the best out there. Yes, you heard me. It is still a considerably and comparatively small firm, but that’s what has managed to keep the majority of its customers happy. This way, they can devote adequate attention to every customer and work effectively. 

Ease of Use

FastComet hosting comes with the standard cPanel tool that makes it simple to use for newbies and experienced clients. The cPanel has an easy to understand and instinctive interface that makes it extremely simple, notwithstanding for amateurs to learn and use the hosting service similar to a professional and skilled. The FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting control panel enables you to do most activities with just a couple of mouse clicks. A portion of the things that you can do straightforwardly from the control panel incorporates reaching the client support team, dealing with your hosting record, as well as launching new websites.

FastComet Managed Cloud hosting Servers is in the Top 20

Fastcomet currently finds itself in the list of top 20 web hosting servers. Among the big and known names, Fastcomet has managed to get itself the position that many businesses aspire to get.

FastComet Managed Cloud hosting Servers is in the Top 20

Fastcomet offers mainly three types of hosting. These range from being called Shared, cloud VPS and Dedicated. However, you will eventually discover how similar these areas are compared to each other. Few features differ, of course, and some consider these very efficient whilst working do consider all options and only then decide.


FastComet’s shared hosting is given from a choice of data centers and is marketed in less technical words that will appeal to new FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting users. This comes with plans suiting a single website or multiple, as per your needs. Unlimited bandwidth benefits all the plans available along with SSD storage. All servers run CloudLinux with FFmpeg support.

FastComet Shared Hosting

The provided features of this plan include:

  • A free domain name for a lifetime.
  • Guaranteed resources within a certain limit for the fast and efficient functioning of your website.
  • Renewal price remains the same as that of registration. 
  • Available will be made, your choice of data center out of the 8 that they offer, spread across three continents. 
  • SSDs are prerequisite utilized by the plans offered, which are 300% faster than standard HDDs at read-write operations. This makes your site run at the speed of a horse.
  • The option of a site-builder is also available. The prices remain the same here. Pick a theme to set up your site. From endless options of themes to choose from, you wouldn’t be deprived of any facility whilst building your site. Not the best, but surely not the worst. Keep going ahead, adding, and subtracting the elements of your choice for your site. 

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting also offers three shared web hosting plans, which are the following mentioned ones:

FastComet Managed Cloud HostingPricing Plans

The StartSmart Plan

This hosting plan costs $2.95/month and is the least expensive plan available at FastComet. The hosting package supports 1 free domain name for a lifetime and gives SSD space of 15GB. It is prescribed for sites that get up to 25,000 visitors each month.

The ScaleRight Plan

This web hosting plan costs $5.95/month, enables the client to host a boundless number of sites, includes SSD storage space of 25GB, and permits day by day data backups of up to multiple times. This package is prescribed for sites/blogs that get up to 50,000 visits each month.

The SpeedUp Plan

This is one of the most costly shared server hosting packages available at FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting. The arrangement’s cost begins at $9.95 and packs top-class highlights, including support for a boundless number of sites, SSD powered storage space of up to 35GB, and RAM of 6GB. The site is suggested for sites that get around 100,000 monthly visitors.

Cloud VPS

FastComet Cloud VPS

These are considered slightly pricey but are great in performance. If you’re facing traffic, then this plan is the one you should be considering. This ensures your very own private space on the server, and no other site affects your work. The additional features accompanying the ones that come with shared FastComet Managed Cloud Hostings are

Completely Managed

 FastComet handles server maintenance, security, and performance.


You can work according to your choice to upgrade or downgrade depending purely upon your needs. 

Root Access

These provide manual control over your server, virtual in specific, something no server provides as of now.


You must upgrade to this plan if better performance is what you’re looking for, and the price is something that can be flexible for you on FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting. The feature set is with more resources available. Dedicated servers are on a managed basis, with cPanel available on all plans, plus hybrid HDD and SSD storage.

FastComet Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting

The added feature is that Applications and modules are installed free of charge by the FastComet tech team on all plans. The applications can also be upgraded at no cost. All servers are provisioned with a CSF firewall that helps mitigate the risks associated with DDoS attacks and other malicious hacking attempts. They also come with a free web.

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting – Disadvantages


The set-ups offered by FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting are claimed to be free of cost. But that is not entirely true. These require payments every month. 

Mediocre performance despite high claims

Between their price structure, a large number of data centers, and more, one may question whether their structure may last intact for a long haul. FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting may not be the most ideal if a long-term host with fair performance is what you’re looking for.

Plan Limitations

One of FastComet’s Managed Cloud Hosting biggest cons is its plan limitations, specifically its caps across domains fastComet and disk space. Starter plans provide for only one website and 15GB of disk space. But if you want to expand, it cannot be very sufficient. FastComet also cuts on the disk space on their mid and high plans.

Price Confusion

When one actually goes to purchase a plan, things get a bit muddier. There might suddenly be a set-up price, and the monthly price is actually higher unless you sign up for a longer-term plan. The directing plan page is difficult to locate and can be very confusing to plan from.

IP Address

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting has also claimed to have but has actually denied the service of dedicated IP address to shared hosting users. What’s unusually frustrating is that they don’t even permit you to pay for the service on their shared hosting plans. This means you have no options but to update if you want a dedicated IP address.

Shared hosting servers on Superfast SSD

The top-rated Hosting Solution for personal and small business websites
now $3.66/m
Save $75/year

No Knowledge Base

FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting doesn’t have a traditional knowledge base that provides support documentation to guide you through problems. They expect you to utilize the 24×7 free support instead. This is fine for most users, but some have a different opinion. Fastcomet is known for creating tutorials to help the customers with whatever set-up or other related information they might be needing.

Security Issues

Downtime, DDoS attacks, and spam blacklisting are some complaints made by dissatisfied customers. Numerous customers were searching for a profoundly secure FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting company after finding out about the dangers of assaults, for example, phishing. Others were worried after getting assaulted or seeing different websites experience the ill effects of assaults. Indeed, even as FastComet strives to protect your website, it is likewise significant that you have your influence well by choosing an unpredictable password and keeping it private and secure. But FastComet has claimed to have partnered with BitNinja, one of the popular security suites which can defend your website from any attack.

Being included in the top 20

Yes, I’m aware that this point is also included in the advantages of working with Fastcomet, but among the other firms that are placed above FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting to be placed within the top 20.

Misleading Marketing

Their marketing claims are all over the place. They promise unlimited bandwidth while some believe that there is no such thing as Unlimited bandwidth, and whenever you see this word being used, it is pure marketing bait. It also promotes the poor business practice. They intend to draw in naive newcomers who don’t know that ‘unlimited’ bandwidth really means ‘vaguely limited’ bandwidth.

Reviews from Unhappy Customers

You may also find certain unhappy customers online that say that the firm’s actual service is not even near to their high claims. While some say that, many also convey their content and satisfaction with their experience with FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting

Hosting plans

FastComet Cloud Hosting Pricing Plan

Fastcomet offers three main hosting plans, and these are as follows:


You get a free domain transfer, space for a single site, 15GB of SSD space with unmetered traffic for only $3.45/month. This may be considered the most ideal as the other plans are quite similar. 

FastCloud Plus

The same speed is offered for this plan too. These also double your space and operate multiple sites. This is for only $5.20/month.

FastCloud Extra

Similar to the previous but with faster speed and the ‘Rock Booster.’ (Which might be worth the upgrade.) It’s just going to cost you a little extra at $6.90/month.

WordPress Hosting Service

FastComet #1 WordPress Hosting Service

With the FastComet WordPress ecosystem’s gaining populace, the WordPress hosting service of the Fastcomet universe retains a separate fanbase.

The features they provide are also exciting and make any industry’s or individual’s work on WordPress very easy. Some of the features are as follows:

  • A free domain name (FastComet will include your fees for the life of your plan, not just the first year like extra hosts)
  • Simple one-click WordPress installation
  • SSD drives (solid-state drives), which are more durable than HDD drives, can enhance the performance of WordPress site by up to 300%
  • Cloudflare CDN so that you can save your site and serve it from a section that’s most familiar to your users
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • Support from FastComet WordPress experts
  • Virus scan and malware removal
  • Fixed-price renewals

The FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting plans are perfect for WordPress hosting as Fast Comet grants tailored WordPress hosting options. The WordPress hosting pack comes with a stable set of points, including one-click installation. FastComet’s taken care of to rush your WordPress site with CDN Cloudflare. The WordPress hosting plan likewise begins with advanced safety characteristics and access to skillful support.

The Servers across the world

In Europe, FastComet utilizes data centers in London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Frankfurt (Germany). In Asia, Japan and Singapore both house the operators. These usually have security throughout the week. These include redundant power supplies, fire suppression, and cooling, with green cooling in some locations. Fastcomet also provides IP addresses and test files for testing downloading speeds. Every effort is made to ensure your website and servers operate reliably. Connecting2020 provides exceptional network performance at the highest availability for the most demanding services. Our large selection of Dedicated Servers ensures high levels of performance, reliability, and maximum security. Connecting2020 promises to bring an unmatched level of 24/7 support services because customer satisfaction is our prime concern.

Points to Reflect When Choosing a FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting Server

Before considering Fastcomet or any web hosting server for that matter, here are a few things that you, as a vigilant consumer, must consider. These are:

1. Site Transfers And Migrations Are Not Eternally Available:

Site transfer, also identified as site migration, lets you move your website to a separate host. Migrating to another website consists of shifting the website’s files and databases, configuring your site with the new host, and managing your domain’s DNS to the new host. They can next help you out with it. The cost will alter for sure, but it can extend anywhere from $150-$400.

Renewal Rates Are Usually Higher: Beware of the providers doubling or tripling their prices in the name of upgrades. The renewal fee may reach level 7-10, which may have started with level 

2. The features and performance you get from the plan stay the same, but you’ll have to pay more.

Bandwidth, Storage, And Fastcomet Webmail Login Account Limits: When it comes to bandwidth and storage, there are also limitations. There are different offers with Fastcomet Webmail Login accounts.

Once Your Site Grows, Consider Changing Your Hosting Plan: Web hosting providers offer different FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting types. Shared web hosting is the ideal way to go for fewer traffic websites. Then, of course, upgrading will become easier in terms of shifting from one hosting to another.

FastComet review shows that the host is perfect for individuals who need to host their websites/blogs for the first time. The three primary plans accessible at FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting are perfectly fine for websites with month to month visits of somewhere in the range of 25,000 to 100,000. It marches and creates its place in the industry quite aggressively, and its cloud hosting services deserve much of the credit.

This web host is a 4.8 rated company because the small number makes it conceivable to offer customized services. Whether you are on the lower plan or, the higher ones, FastComet Managed Cloud Hosting saves no effort to ensure higher consumer satisfaction. Its diversity of data centers across the globe and its catalog of cloud hosting makes it an appealing option to consider. The small team is meticulous when it comes to maintaining its customer force. The way they’ve worked to keep their customer’s content makes them very happy, and so they spread the work forward for their acquaintances to also consider Fastcomet. As mentioned earlier also, it may not be the best out there. But that’s what makes it so efficient to work with!

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