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FedEx Calls To Mandate Blockchain For International Shipping

According to the report which has been revealed by the CIO of Federal Express, Rob Carter, the International Cargo Shipping and delivery is now just waiting for mandated blockchain standards, which even highlights that this will even lead to a far greater spread of adoption within the reach of the country for the latest blockchain technology.

The widespread adoption of this latest technology would also allow the authorities to easily and securely track the goods on an international level at the time of helping the address prevalence of international trafficking of illegal goods.

At the time of attending and speaking within a forums and discussions at the time of blockchain Global Revolution Conference, Carter spoke about the different kind of logistics that are also involved in the shipping, tracking and documentation that even goes behind the delivery of a package, which he went on to explain, with some of these documents proving to be just as the essential.

On the other hand, the entire process has been one that has been rigidly tracked, documented and managed with the help of a conventionally paper-based, often digitized symbol of the digital documentation. As a  result of which, the transfer of these documents takes places what can be described as antiquated technology with the no real time scenario or the highly responsive data feedback.

According to Carter:

“We’re not an organization that pushes for more regulatory control, but there are times regulatory mandates and pushes can be incredibly helpful.”

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