Fiber Laser Marking in Automotive Industry

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Fiber Laser Marking in Automotive Industry 1

Fiber Laser Markers are the new trending machinery in the automotive industry that deals with the finishing and making of parts; whether big or small. Apart from the automotive industry, fiber lasers are popular in other kinds of industrial markings on machines as well.


Fiber lasers are nowadays being used for all kinds of plastic and metal parts being produces by industries because of their accuracy, precision and efficiency. This not only includes the automotive parts, but also the security technology equipment and all kinds of electronic machines that needs to be marked for safety and quality assurance purposes.

The fiber laser marketing help in print and embedding of all kinds of codes including bar or scan codes, alphanumeric codes, serial numbers, logos etc. all with the use of high quality fiber lasers. Laser marking is actually quite different from the basic imprinting and ink printing by the usual common methods as it uses special fibers which help in creating a permanent and ever lasting image free from the danger of being removed by any magic or special solvents. Laser fibers are also renowned for their quality and high contrast marking on parts through the laser beams. Lasers are very helpful in marking products with complex patterns and shapes that are only produced by accurate computer processing.

The main applications of fiber lasers consist of the processing of the materials; direct energy weapon manufacturing, telecommunications industry, medicine etc. The fiber laser markers assist you in easy integration to create the best parts with the highest flexible tendencies. These parts are especially created by computer-controlled handling while marking, cutting, engraving etc. all processes.

Creative Process and Designing

Fiber lasers are created and developed by slicing the different types of fibers carefully so that the laser cavity is constructed with precision and accuracy. Most fibers are cut in single longitudinal shapes and are completely narrow as possible. This operation is especially carried out to create the ultra-narrow feedback lasers. Fiber lasers help in designing precise and accurate complex shapes; this is only possible if the fiber lasers are created and designed carefully with excellent quality.

Double-clad Fiber Laser

The double clad fiber lasers are very high-power lasers that are created by placing two precise and measured layers of fiber cladding. The outer cladding of the fiber helps in assisting the inner pump beam in the core layer so that the light is trapped inside. This happens to create the ultra-powerful laser beam and are also regarded as the ‘brightness converters’. The shape of the double clad fiber is quite intriguing considering that the fiber with a circular symmetrical arrangement is not very appreciated in terms of use. The design should be carefully created with enough cladding to provide sufficient light confinement in the core and optical pump section all in the little piece of fiber.

Dark Solition Fiber Laser

Although the dark solition fibers are not yet so common as other fibers, they are paving their way towards advancement. This is because of their specialized non-mode locking phenomena, that the normal fiber laser cavity has a polarizer to enhance the emulsion of light. These ark solition fibers emit the brightest lasers with focused pulse emission as well, along with the option of single and multiple pulses.

Fiber Disk Laser

Fiber disk Lasers are the most popular fiber lasers because of the option of their free cladding of fibers which are not confined to any limits or inside, but instead the core is coiled just like a rope is bound to itself. This arrangement has been extremely suitable for power functions because of the strength of the coil. Fiber disk Lasers have a remarkable property of back reflection and can be used easily for the purpose of cutting, moulding etc. as such processes require a high amount of power.

Advantages of Fibre Lasers

  • Light is an important component of fiber complexity and flexibility. This is due to the fact that fibers are flexible enough to easily transfer light to any moving element that needs to be focused upon. This property is especially useful for laser cutting, welding, the crushing and folding of metals and plastics.
  • Fiber lasers have a very high output power. These lasers have a parameter of almost six to seven kilometres long of active region fibres so that you can have access to the optical gain through fibers. The best thing about high power output is that it can be made to remain consistent if the fibers are arranged high surface to the ratio of volume, so that the fibers also experience this effect of cooling which is useful and efficient in the process.
  • The fiber lasers wave properties involve the high optical quality advantages that help in reducing or entirely finishing the thermal energy disturbance that can become a problem in the fiber optical creation and working so that the output you get is a high-quality laser beam that can help you speed up the process while also providing you with quality and accuracy.
  • Fiber lasers are quite compact if held in comparison to the power of a glass or rod, whereas the fiber lasers can also be bent and flexed according to need without any problems.
  • The reliability factor in fiber lasers is pretty much visible at an unavoidable extent because of its high temperature stability and vibration endurance, so that you can get the accurate ad desired results along with quality assurance.
  • The high-power ability of fiber lasers and pulses in nanoseconds help in the fiber laser marking and engraving as well as to cut cleaner edges with precision, and also helps to work faster. So, with accuracy, it also saves you time.
  • There is a comparatively low cost of fiber lasers ownership because of the quick process, and less materials usage.
  • Fiber lasers are being best used to make the high-performance parts in devices so that these lasers can be utilized for their high power as well as they cost low to the industry.
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