Field Service Mobile Apps – powerful support in daily tasks

Field Service Mobile Apps - powerful support in daily tasks 1

People use their mobile phones all the time. They can be useful not only for private purposes but also at work. Apps for field service can improve task management in many ways. Check out if field service mobile applications are something you need in your business!

There are many professions that require being on a constant move and managing many tasks in a short time. It’s not surprising at all, that the employees need some help to complete all the tasks on time. Fortunately, technology can do the trick. 

A field service app is a management software application. The field service management app is created to be used on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Field service mobile applications are apps for service technicians. Field services are most often described as activities involving delivery services or at-home support, such as maintenance, installations, repairs, inspections, or deliveries.

What are the benefits of a mobile field service app?

The field service management mobile app is useful when there is a need of improving the efficiency and productivity of field service operations. The most important features of field service mobile software are: 

Easy management of work orders – with the field operations app, the field service technicians get the work orders electronically and can answer the service calls immediately after receiving them.

Real-time alerts – when the customer reports an emergency, the technicians that are currently in the field, get a notification in real-time, so they can react appropriately and resolve the issue as it arises. 

GPS and map – the field service workers having field service apps can check the best route and get directions to the next place of work. 

Smooth information flow – the workers using the field management app can collect information and share it with colleagues. In addition to that, they can exchange important information via messages. 

Time-tracking and reports – apps for mobile service field technicians can reduce unnecessary paperwork, as all the work estimates, reports, billing information, and labor hours are in one place. 

App field service – where to find the best?

If you want to introduce a field service manager app to your company, check out the Comarch solution. An easy-to-use mobile app for field service can be an improvement to your service. Find out more information about Comarch Field Service Mobile App and request a demo to test it! Visit the Comarch website for more information. 

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