Financial Times Launches Ask FT, Game-Changing AI Chatbot for Subscribers

Financial Times launches Ask FT, an AI chatbot for subscribers, offering curated answers from decades of published content.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Financial Times Launches Ask FT, Game-Changing AI Chatbot for Subscribers

The Financial Times has come up with a customized AI chatbot for its subscribers. It is named Ask FT and utilizes advanced technology to respond to user inquiries with curated natural language answers. The data is drawn from the vast wealth of information published over decades by the Financial Times.


It is similar to other ChatGPT, Copilot and other AI bots to offer users a comprehensive response to their queries. However, it only focuses solely on delivering reliable information derived from the sources of Financial Times.

Ask FT stands out as it is capable in providing up-to-date answers by referencing to recent news articles. The tool was asked about the individual overseeing Microsoft’s AI products and it returned accurate information regarding Mustafa Suleyman’s appointment. The answer cited source as Financial Times articles.

However, occasional inconsistencies were noted during testing of the tool. It also named Nikki Haley in its response to a question about the 2024 US presidential election even though it is known that she withdrawn herself from the race.

The tool is currently accessible to just a select group of paid subscribers and they are within the FT Professional tier. It is powered by Claude tailored to cater to the needs of business professionals and institutions. It represents commitment of the Financial Times to innovation as well as excellence in delivering information.

Claude is an advanced language model that is developed by Anthropic.

Ask FT is capable in addressing a wide range of inquiries and it includes current events as well as broader topics such as cryptocurrency’s environmental impact. Moreover, the tool can delve into the archives of Financial Times to provide detailed responses.

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