FIND- Search for your lost things in snap of a second

Our busy lives keeps us always on the toes. In the midst of these chaos, it becomes even more chaotic when we have to spend hours and hours of our precious time, looking for something that we in the first place had kept at a safe location that we don’t even remember now. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we have someone on whom we could depend on 24×7 to help us FIND things in snap of a second instead of investing our precious hours in it. Well, presenting to you FIND, a Bluetooth tracker that has the capability of becoming our knight in shining armour.


FIND can be attached to almost anything you would like to track, from your car keys to pets to mobile phones and much more. It is a small, petite roughly square gadget, which is 38.6mm on each side. It runs on a CR1632 coin cell battery which can last up to six months. The device uses its Bluetooth 4.0 in order to pair up with the Find app on the user’s smartphone. Further, FIND is just 6.4mm thick, weighs almost nothing and is extremely stylish in looks. So, don’t worry about your things looking shabby when you attach the FIND device

The device has been designed with four modes of operation: Active tracking mode, Manual search mode, Phone protect mode and Combined Mode, so that the user can customise it according to their needs. The Active tracking mode monitors the location of the Find and alerts the user when it is out of range. The Phone Protect mode functions in reverse—setting off the alarm on the Find if the user is out of range of the connected smartphone. The Combined mode lets the user do both at once.

FIND is a product of the Belgaum-based IoT startup, SenseGiz, which has been ‘Making in India’ since the year 2013.


Written by Kirti Sharma

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