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There are plenty of different IT companies out there to choose from. At the same time, like any other service, you’ll have companies not qualified to assist you or who deliver a bad experience. You want a company that has all of the right systems in place and one that has the requisite expertise for your business. If you follow the tips below from Certum, you will be able to figure out the right IT company to select.


1. Look At Feedback

One of the very first things you need to do is to look at the feedback of the different companies available. You want to check to see what customers/clients are saying about the IT company in question. Are they raving about the service they received? Look at the reviews posted online. You can tell a lot about a company by checking out the reviews to see what people are saying. 

2. Call Them

Another good test you can do is to call the company in question. This is the single best way to get into contact with a company because you can speak with someone directly. When you call them, do you get a real person to answer? Were you able to speak with someone knowledgeable about the services they offer? Do you have a good feeling they are qualified? These are some of the pertinent questions you want to ask yourself. 

3. Don’t Sign Long-Term Contracts

Something you want to avoid doing is signing any long-term contracts. No reputable IT company is going to be putting their clients into long-term contracts nowadays. This is especially true with the pandemic and the changes that it has brought into the market. A lot of reputable IT companies have completely switched over to offering rolling contracts for greater flexibility. 

4. Brand Commissions

If the IT company you are considering is insisting on replacing your computers with a specific type of brand, you may want to avoid them entirely. This usually means they are working with that brand on a commission basis. As a result, they are likely leading you down an expensive path just to make more money. Any reputable IT company isn’t going to shoehorn you into using a specific brand for financial gain.

5. Do They Have Enough Expertise In Your Industry?

The IT issues that a company can face can vary by a wide margin based on the industry you operate in. Because of this, you want to check to see whether or not the IT company has any experience in the industry you are in. This can do wonders to find someone that can be an asset to your business. 

6. Go Local

It’s ideal to go for a local IT company. There are plenty of benefits that make it worth considering. Mainly, you get a company that is going to do everything they can to assist you because they rely on referrals. Also, they will respond to issues much quicker because they are local. With IT problems, quick solutions can save you a lot of time and money. 

7. Get Certificates

You want to ensure the company you are hiring is qualified. One of the best ways to do so is by asking for their certifications. The IT industry is full of certifications. Figure out how qualified they are by looking at their certifications and other qualifications. 

8. Comprehensive Coverage

You want to get everything that is covered in your plan written in your contract. Try to figure out what you are paying for. You don’t want any surprises on your bill. 

9. Will You Be Getting A Dedicated Engineer?

You want to figure out if you are getting someone that is going to be a dedicated engineer for your company. It can add a lot of value if you do. That way, you can build a relationship with them and they will know the ins and outs of your system.

10. Response Times

You want to figure out what kind of response time you need. Getting the right response time can save your business a lot of time and money.

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