Fintech Based Debt Collection Startups Help In Increasing Recovery Rate

By Kelly Wilson
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Fintech Based Debt Collection Startups Help In Increasing Recovery Rate 1

This might be the first time ever when you are hearing about the term Fin tech debt collection startups. These forms of startup companies are actually transforming the entire dated industry, which was actually relying on the archaic methods of the practice over here. There are some of the industrial based disruptors, which have seen some of the dramatically increased form of recovery rates while just trying to offer one of the most pleasant experiences for not only the debtor but even for the creditors, at the same time.


Even some of the top debt settlement companies are dealing and relying on these fin tech based debt startup entrepreneurs for some immediate help over here. Now the main question is how they are doing it. For that, you have to take a quick look at the available options now and everything will gladly work out well in this regard for sure.

Looking for the communication based modernization services:

Humans are known to communicate with one another on some of the unprecedented levels. However, these forms of communications have evolved with the past time. People are not quite picking up their phones to contact one another anymore. In its place, they prefer texting, emailing or even using the social media for that help.

  • It might be shocking for you to know that around 68% of people are opening an email these days. So, there are fewer chances for the traditional debt based collection agencies to just stick to those dying forms of communicative means even to this date. So, they are changing as well.
  • Some of the areas under digital communications like SMS or email are noted to be some of the industrial links to those people who might have ditched their phones.
  • The modernized versions of the omni-channel based approach will help in increasing the longer term engagement with the clients and even helping out to drive the recovery rate for sure.

Focusing towards the art of customer interaction based analysis:

The fin tech based collection startups such as the reliable name TrueAccord, will know that they can always learn from all sorts of interactions with the clients. That is why the digitalized version of the debt collection agencies are taking help of the powerful form of AI for analyzing the communications and even to work out the present response with the help of the best success chance around here. This form of data driven method is always highly effective with some of the follow-up emails depending on the user behavior based performing around 3 times better than traditional method.

Focusing towards communication based development:

By using some of the modernized communication forms, the fintech based debt collection startups will have huge advantage over most of the legacy agencies. There are multiple pieces of communications, which are to be analyzed first.

  • After that, those will be altered and even there will be improved form of state of art AI or Artificial Intelligence involved in this category.
  • The reliable fin tech based debt collection startup companies are constantly trying to evaluate their mode of communications with the customers and even trying to make improvements to just drive up the engagement and even recovering the rates finally.
  • It is always possible top analyze the current effectiveness of that CTA button in any email, when compared to the other modes of communicative skills.
  • You can also try working on the email subject lines. These lines are always better at convincing people to open their emails and go through the content.
  • The machine based learning engine can always help in creating content, which will have a better engaging chance with the stated customers over here for sure.

The idea behind scaling up:

It is always rather difficult for the legacy firms to scale their stated operations. There are some of the new manual debt collectors available, who are to be hired right now and then will be subjective to rounds of extensive training.

  • Once they are right on this current job, they are likely to receive lower and even commissioned based wages. Such wages can often lead to that lack of motivation and even low morale.
  • The reliable fin tech based collection startups have already quite removed these issues by just implementing some of the well and highly scalable forms of communication procedures.
  • Over 90% of the interactions of the fin tech startup firms with the customers will remain under automated manner. It means, each one of the care agents will be able to handle around 10,000 cases, when compared to that of the average industrial one of just 800.
  • The number of accounts these people are handling can increase the current recovery rate naturally. The automation associated with the communication procedure can also benefit by just reducing the compliance risks.
  • Every email that you get to send to the customers will be pre-written by the content creators, known for their talents. After that, those will be approved by the lawyers’ team for the right help.

Focusing more towards the personalized payment plans:

Customers, who are actually falling right into debt, will be in that scenario for various reasons. There might be some of the in-between jobs or even accident, which might cost then seriously and financially. These debt collection startup firms are known to understand your scenario better and have all the means to work on it well.

  • These teams have their share of high tech Artificial Intelligence for analyzing millions of such previous interactions to work out on the best action plan for individual.
  • In case, any customer is in need of extra time to repay debt, the data drive systems will be able to recognize the same and offer personalized payment plan to cater to their needs.
  • Legacy agencies used to work against customers, but this firm will work right with them to help out of the financial difficulties.

Then you have the sympathetic approach, which will help in increasing the engagement and then drive up liquidity percentages over here for sure.

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