Five Breakthroughs from Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress wowed with amazing gadgets like flying cars and robot friends. Let us check out some highlights from MWC 2024.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Five Breakthroughs from Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has amazed everyone with lots of cool gadgets revealing technology can be incredible. Flying cars and robot friends were witnessed and these are amazing. Let us take a brief look at some awesome gadgets from the MWC 2024.


Imagine a car that not only drives on roads but also takes to the skies with ease. US firm Alef Aeronautics unveiled just that – the world’s first flying car. This car looks like a regular one, but it is super special because it can also take off like a helicopter. Plus, it runs on electricity. And guess what? It has been approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration. With production slated to begin by the end of 2025, the era of flying cars is closer than we ever imagined.

Tecno Mobile wowed attendees with its lifelike robotic dog, the “Dynamic 1”. This robot dog acts just like a real German Shepherd. It listens to what you say and can do things just like a real dog, all thanks to smart technology and special sensors. It gives you all the fun of having a pet without any of the fuss.

Lenovo introduced a prototype of a transparent laptop featuring a borderless, see-through display. This awesome device lets you type and draw on a special touch screen.

Hyodol, crafted by a South Korean company, may look like a children’s doll, but its purpose is far more profound. It is made with lots of special sensors and smart chips to help older people with their daily stuff and keep them company. It can play music, remind them to take their medicine and do other things too. It shows how technology can help older people stay independent and connected to others.

Whispp, a new company from the Netherlands, introduced an amazing app at the event. This app is special because it changes speech problems into natural-sounding voices right away. Unlike other apps that change speech into writing, this one lets people with speech issues talk normally.

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