Five Mistakes Even Seasoned Investors Make and How to Avoid Them

Five Mistakes Even Seasoned Investors Make and How to Avoid Them 1

Just like in life, in the stock market, nothing is certain. The vast opportunities available come with risks, as happened in 2008-2009 when the stock market collapsed. Despite investors losing millions, mayhem wasn’t over yet. A list of market contractions followed in later years that made every investor feel the weight of risk-taking.

Every investor’s mentality is to have a balanced portfolio, trade in wide markets, and recognize pitfalls on time. Regardless of having powerful tools used for trading, awful things are bound to happen. So what are some mistakes that cause investors to lose money? How can they be avoided?

Trading frequently

Being a serial risk-taker sometimes counts, but this is not always the case when trading, especially on a currency like Iraqi dinar. If you frequently trade in these volatile currencies, losses are inevitable.

Nevertheless, making minute-to-minute trades based on monitoring business via newsrooms or chat room discussions is speculation. Though you may make money within a flash second, in the long run, the cost of frequent trading will catch up with you.

True investment depends on your ability to channel small amounts of money in a business after vigorous research. You should also learn to diversify on your markets but never should you frequently trade, even if the market is a bed of roses. Remember, roses have thorns!

Putting your eggs in one basket

Unless you are small-time investors trying to sample out market options, investing in one company is taking a huge risk. Since there is nothing like a perfect investment, learn to diversify your options. Investing in multiple options spreads the risks, cushions market downturns, and offsets losses.

When trading in multiple stocks, trail your returns, study the market very well, and invest consciously. In the end, you will settle at a comfortable point where some stocks will be recording a few losses while others are making massive returns.


Market crashes are inevitable; if you keep cashing out on every crash, you will lose your investments. To avoid this, you must adopt patience and perseverance.

Sometimes what seems to be a market crash is just a slide or an adjustment on how people do business. To capitalize on this, learn to be patient while maintaining an eagle eye for upcoming opportunities.

Picking a winning stock on TV is not wise

News passes a lot of information about investment, market status, and expert advice. Despite being a gold mine for investors, news can be a trap.

Most investors are fond of picking a winning stock after watching its coverage on TV, which is not the right thing to do. By the time you are watching the news about a winning stock, you are at the other end of the tunnel. This means that most investors have already channeled their money in those stocks, and their prices have risen. If you choose to invest immediately after watching “breaking news,” you will pay high prices for nothing, thus, avoid investing in winning stock aired on TV.

Waiting for the perfect time

It is okay to be nervous about now being the perfect time to make a move in the stock market. The stock market will always look like a rumbling volcano about to erupt. The prices seem to be too high, and the market looks like it is on the brink of collapsing.

Delaying is one of the worst mistakes investors make. Take a move right now and invest; after all, the more time you spend in the market, the higher the chances that you will understand how the market works.

The stock market offers plentiful opportunities for investors to sharpen their skills and shelve money, but investing as a whole is a risk venture which every successful investor must face. While facing the problem head-on, investors tend to make many mistakes. Among them are investing in a single company, cashing out whenever there is a market crash, and investing from time to time. The bottom line is if you want to curve a nice niche in the stock market, learn how to avoid these mistakes.

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