Five podcasts to catch up on the latest trends in cloud computing

Five podcasts to catch up on the latest trends in cloud computing

If you are dealing with cloud, then you need to work around the latest trends all the time. Now, the very idea of latest shifts continuously in the cloud market as technologies evolve all the time. However, if you follow particular podcasts on cloud, then you can get a wholesome perspective of the technology as these podcasts provide the most reliable and regular updates in this regard. So, here are some topics to explore on podcast-

Portable cloud applications are in

Gone are those days of a single cloud provider ruling supreme as the market is infiltrated by competing providers. The more private, singular the cloud is for a company, the more it becomes dependent on the provider as well as its add-ons. It increases the vulnerability of the company manifolds and hence, containers have arrived in the market to solve the scenario. They make cloud portable and the movement from one platform to the other. Container management is becoming increasingly important in cloud technology.Five podcasts to catch up on the latest trends in cloud computing

Public v/s Private: the endless debate

Public cloud is surely the rage in the market, but private cloud is, contrary to some claims, far from dead. Private cloud has now shifted to niche scenarios of compliance and security scenarios as data privacy becomes top priority. Often, due to stringent compliance rules, companies are forced to adhere to private clouds. Public clouds require good quality training otherwise the hired stuffs cannot perform successful deployment and hence, this extra cost often pushes companies away from this kind of cloud services.

Resisting security threats

Hacking has become a threat that has grown to enormous proportions. Hence, enterprises need to counter in an aggressive manner to fend off these hackers. In fact, often competing enterprises employ hackers to gain advantage over the others. Hence, ransomware is becoming rampant which is further problematized by the rise of serverless architecture. Permission and access thus becomes the key in determining the security level.

Backup strategies should be learnt

Once the application is deployed on cloud, surely they are meant to operate until the company decides to stop. With IoT around, the amount of data that circulates around devices have increased manifolds. Hence, new strategies for backup as well as recovery must be designed so that any kind of outage does not have adverse impact on the business. Since backup data is crucial to keep the application running in case of failure, new methods of storing data and fetching them swiftly are being introduced through the emergence of new databases.

Partnership is the best way forward

While hybrid models have already been there for a while now, cloud enterprises are now joining hands to make the most of it. VMWare and Amazon Web Services, for example, have come to join hands so that the data centre software of VMWare finds a platform in AWS. Integration becomes simpler, but of course, one does have an upper hand over another. However, in the long run, it helps AWS to gain more grounds than Microsoft and IBM is also following suit.

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