Five Tips For Selling Profitably on eBay

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Five Tips For Selling Profitably on eBay 1

It is not enough to simply put up your items for sale on eBay. After all, your goods might be pretty similar to the millions of items for sale in the online marketing giant. So what does it take to make better cash on the platform? Are my items doomed not to make me some extra funds? Don’t worry, for we got you covered. Today, we will discuss some eBay basics, as well as our five tips for profitable selling. 


Before That, What Is eBay?

Back in its humble years, eBay served as a place to trade rare and uncommon items. However, that trend changed over time. Now, the platform is one of the biggest e-commerce websites out there. eBay allows you to sell your unwanted items and purchase the ones that you desire. To vend via the platform does not cost you anything at all. All you have to do is register, then fill a couple of forms, agree to some documentation, and you are good to go.

Why Sell Via eBay?

eBay is not the only platform that allows you to get rid of old items from your attic. Other sites offer the same service. But there are perks when it comes to utilizing eBay for your selling needs. Here are some of them:

  • Auction

eBay is the only e-commerce platform that gives sellers the chance to put their items up for auction. Potential bidders have the choice to place their bets on one or more of your goods. The higher their bids are, the more money you will get.

  • Trustworthy

The online selling giant has made a reputation as one of the most trusted sites that exist. Customers and sellers alike do not have to worry about their money going to the wrong hands. The site also protects these individuals from scammers.

  • SEO

The site is also ideal when it comes to search engine optimization. You can find items by simply inputting keywords. Anything you would search for has better chances of popping up. 

  • Decreased fees

Other selling platforms take as much as forty percent from each of your successful transactions. That is not the case with eBay. eBay will only charge you ten percent for every item you get to sell. 

  • Variety

The platform is a melting pot for all kinds of items and goods. Unlike some sites, eBay lets you sell almost anything. From decent toilet handles, retro toy cars, to wooden plates, anything can go. Albeit, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Our Five Tips For Selling Profitably

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for all this time. Here are our five tips that will guarantee you a lot of profit.

  • Use of listing templates

eBay has selling templates you can use. You do not have to start from scratch. The neat part is that if your item is on the list, the site will take care of the rest. eBay will pre-fill any information about your item, including the name, description, photo, and so on.

  • Allow counteroffers 

Some sellers do not want their customers to give prices of their own. That is one reason some goods do not leave their listings. Try and allow counteroffers for your items. Being flexible with the price increases its chance of selling. 

  • Practice timing

They say that time does not matter in online selling. We beg to differ. It would pay off so much if you time your wares perfectly. You can also create a schedule for your live auction endeavors for a future time. 

  • Try other options 

Sometimes, it can be challenging to sell particular items. What you can do is search for other options that will allow you to market the goods. Experiment with sell days, or try a buy it now listing. You can also give the global shipping program a shot, which will list your items for the international market.

  • Seller promotions

eBay often has seller promotions. You have to keep your eyes peeled for such an opportunity. If you are able to obtain one, you will have the chance to save on some seller fees. eBay will send an email to you regarding seller promotions, so it would be best to check your mail now and then.

Additional Reading

The truth is that these tips only scratch the surface of eBay’s selling matters. So what you can do is head online for further reading and research. You can visit for other ways to make your selling endeavors a successful one. Good luck!

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