Fixpocket raises $250,000 in seed funding round

Fixpocket raises $250,000 in seed funding round 1

Fixpocket is an Internet-based startup in Ahmedabad which actually raises $250,000 in seed funding by La Gajjar, it is a private investment company based in Ahmedabad. According to venture, there are two companies collaborated and become one named Kasova Venture Private Ltd. which is owning and operating Fixpocket to get mutual benefit from each other with no lagging behind.

The raised amount is going to be used for planning and settling the initial team, designing and for developing the technology and this will also include marketing in the early phase. Fixpocket first version was launched in April 2017 as there Web portal. Fixpocket has more than 100 categories in itself to serve all kinds of micro industry. Fixpocket is always trying there to reach their portal to target area, marketing experts is working for Fixpocket at ground level with their digital strategies. Fixpocket also introduced its iOS and Android apps so that more buyers can get benefit easily with this medium.

Fixpocket has managed to enroll 17,000 people as a member and offering more than 3,500 services to each and every member of Fixpocket group. Fixpocket is also flourishing tie-ups with around 200 corporate enterprises and almost completed 2000 orders since the day Fixpocket was launched.

“We imagined Fixpocket as a bridge between microservice and freelancing market. Indian people have got various kinds of skills in their hand and mind but we don’t have such market for all the skills in other words we are lacking behind for marketplace to give stage for these skills so that they can showcase there skill with full effectiveness. So we established a unique Corporate Management team that can touch large to mid-size enterprises, and started telling them about the beneficial use of Fixpocket and also make them. Under that hoe, Fixpocket is going to lessen the fixed overheads only by outsourcing their work. Fixpocket is working hard to achieve their target to become an international marketplace for the employment of more 15 million freelancers across the globe” said Soham Thacker the Co-founder of Fixpocket.

“Our vision is to make Fixpocket a brand which is efficient in providing quick and quality service at affordable price. We have planned to make Fixpocket best in the field of digital services like Graphics, content writers, social media content, SEO along with other services,” said Kaivan Shah, Co-founder at Fixpocket.

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