Flipkart,Hotstar collaborated to launch Ads platform

Flipkart,Hotstar collaborated to launch Ads platform 1

This is for the first in the history of industry that this kind of collaboration is being done between  Flipkart and Hotstar, these companies are very well- known. You heard it correct Flipkart,

India’s biggest e- commerce platform and Hotstar, India’s biggest and leading streaming platform have come together into a collaboration to unveil a Shopper Audience Network, and that is Flipkart’s new platform for Ads that give permission to all brands to get connected with customers in a very personalised way by doing Truelntent video Ads on Hotstar.

Flipkart has developed the Shopper Audience Network helps by determining the audience- based view to improve brands connectivity for their customers by holding grip on Flipkart’s who had understood the mentality of customers while purchasing and by the increase in number of Truelntent video Ads. Through this kind of advertising they will provide personalised ads to more than 150 million customers for various categories.

This will also give a view to brands of some holistic nature so that customers can easily connect, this kind to collaboration will give a tool for much better attribute and will help them to measure the actual impact of every digital ad. This collaboration is fulfilling the Flipkart’s dream to become a leading digital ads platform in India and the partnership will help Flipkart to hold their dream tight with Hotstar in the field of video ad market.

Prakash Sikaria the Senior Director at Flipkart said that “We understand our customers purchasing thought better than others, this always been the main and imperative feature of Flipkart, and this will help marketers to build their ad journey with the help of our platform. We have understood the demand and this will help to hold intent-based platform and this is reason why we have collaborated with Hotstar, just to give an unusual Ad industry in India.”

Talking about the collaboration, the EVP of Hotstar Mr. Prabh Singh said “We have our reach to large scale audience and those audience are deeply in relation with us and their total attention towards our service. Those brands which are promoting them on Hotstar are becoming more popular and power by the help of our engagement. As we are partnership with Flipkart this will help to develop this same position in more better way and give an opportunity to all marketers to get in touch with hundreds of products with different categories on Flipkart.”

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