Flipkart’s FLA Programme to Fund GenAI Startups with $500,000 Investment

By Sunil Sonkar
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Flipkart's FLA Programme to Fund GenAI Startups with $500,000 Investment

Flipkart is a big name in the online shopping industry in India. It has led the segment for years due to its innovative ideas and features. Lately, it has come up with programme to fund new startups working in the “GenAI” segment. GenAI or generative AI helps in making smart computer programs.


The investment arm of the online shopping platform is called Flipkart Ventures and the focus of it is to help startups in India to grow faster. Flipkart recently started a program called Flipkart Leap Ahead (FLA) for the purpose.

Under the FLA program, the selected startups will be funded somewhere between $200,000 to $500,000 and this is in fact a significant investment. The aim is to help these startups grow quickly.

The FLA program is now open for new startups to apply. It kicked started on April 22 and the last date to apply is May 26. Interested startups can send their applications within the time period.

The selected startups will get more than just the funds. They will get guidance as well as advice from experienced people. The experienced people will help the startups in various ways like making their products better and building strong teams.

The startups that use GenAI in their business will get special attention. They will be given extra help to make their businesses successful.

So, if you have a startup and you use GenAI, this could be a great opportunity for you to get funded as well as receive the required support to make your business grow.

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