Focus On Instagram Settings And Posts Type To Include In Emails

Focus On Instagram Settings And Posts Type To Include In Emails 1

Right from the privacy to comments, you will need to ensure proper settings for your Instagram marketing to achieve the desired results. You must also focus on the video creation aspect for better results and proper integration with your email marketing strategies.

Privacy settings will allow you to hide comments that use specific keywords or phrases. To do this, you must:

  • Enter these keywords and phrases into your Instagram settings and then
  • Turn on the feature.

This will prevent these comments to be seen that can be harmful for your brand values or even offend your audience.

Sometimes you may have to add extra accounts. The Adding Additional Instagram Accounts will allow you to:

  • Add up to five accounts
  • Enable you to switch between them without having to log in and out and
  • Allows you to have several people logged into the account at one time.

To add an account, click on Add Account at the bottom of the settings and enter the username and password of the account that you like to add.

To switch between the added accounts, you must go to your profile and click on the username at the top of the screen and choose the account you want to switch to.

Focus On Instagram Settings And Posts Type To Include In Emails 2

Types of Instagram posts

Just like there are different features and settings that you should consider on Instagram, there are also different types of posts that you must also focus on to create a beautiful, appealing and relevant content just as it is done by Gramista.

Therefore, after you have created and optimized your Instagram account, you will need to choose the best type of account that Instagram allows you to post on it, including photos, videos, and Stories.

All these different types of posts will need some best practices to follow for encouraging engagement. Here is the list of it, one by one.


These are the most common type of posts found on Instagram. You must share a variety of photos while posting images because it will show that your brand itself is diverse. This, in turn, will engage your followers in a different way.

  • The Instagram users are as such on the lookout for genuine posts from the brand. This is something that you should remember while selecting your images. Therefore, make sure that you avoid any blatant advertisements.
  • Also, try to capture the culture of your company with lifestyle photos and behind the scenes looks.

Lastly, do not post too many photos of your product. Make sure that you post other types of content as well to promote the personality of your brand on the whole. Since there are myriad kinds of images that you can post on Instagram, get creative as much as possible. Take note of any styles and concepts that you think will work well for your brand or product and use it to select your images.

Behind the scenes posts

These are the images that offer a glimpse into different other parts of your business that is seldom used by most of the people. However, remember that authenticity is the key on Instagram and therefore stay away from anything that is actually or will look as staged.

The best behind the scenes posts are those that show the employers at work. Showcasing this will reveal the company culture.

Reposts from other employees

If you look at the Instagram accounts of your employees you will see that there are some great contents. Use their pictures but make sure that you tag or credit them being the original creator or poster.

  • Reposting photos the easiest way to curate more authentic content
  • It will also humanize your business
  • It will increase the engagement of the audience with your brand
  • They will also start to “bond” with the employees.

Since these are the photos shot by your employees, these will certainly be related and relevant to your product.

Influencer posts

These posts typically use the fame of a well-known public figure or a celebrity to promote a brand. These posts often include a visual of the influencer using the product or interacting with it. One of the main benefits of using influencer posts is that it will gain the attention of another audience.

That means these posts will not only reach to your followers but it will also be seen by the larger audience of the influencer as well. That means you will have a larger number of audiences now.

Motivational and educational posts

A motivational post typically combines a simple visual that contains an uplifting text or an overlaid quote.

  • These posts are very effective
  • These will encourage your audience and
  • It will also amplify your brand values.

However, though these are effective, you should use it sparingly to post on Instagram otherwise your post will look very cheesy. Make sure that you use good apps that will help you to select and add texts that are consistent and relevant to your product and brand guidelines.

Educational posts

Educational posts are those that offer snackable tips on how to use, do or make something. These photos or videos are typical ‘how to’ posts that normally present the directions in such a way that it is quick and easy to follow.

User-Generated content

Much similar to the employee reposts, UGC or user-generated content is the photos and videos that are curated from the fans and Instagram followers. The tagged posts and the posts with your brand hashtag are typically great sources for UGCs.

The good thing about sharing the photos of your fans and followers is that:

  • It will make the original poster feel good and
  • It will also show that you truly care about your followers.

Just make sure that the photos that you use are relevant to the context and just like the employee posts, you credit the original post and the poster by tagging in the photo or in the caption. Remember that to repost user-generated content, crop the original post or use a reposting app.

All these posts in its power will generate followers whom you can now direct to your site to entice then to sign up with your email.

Written by Kristen Smit

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing field. In this article, she explains some impact of online also she recommended to use & must use a free VPN for Linux for better online chats.

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