Former Cybereason Executives Unveil Seven AI, Close $36M Seed Round

By Sunil Sonkar
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Former Cybereason Executives Unveil Seven AI, Close $36M Seed Round

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving segment and the emergence of Seven AI marks a significant milestone. It is all set to redefine how we defend against cyber threats.


The Boston-based Seven AI was founded in late 2023 by Lior Div and Yonatan Striem-Amit. They are prominent figures and had earlier propelled Cybereason to unicorn status.

The launch of Seven AI comes at a critical juncture. Cyber attackers are exploiting artificial intelligence lately to enhance their attacks and it is important to emerge with appropriate defensive measures. Striem-Amit stated that attackers are lately trying to utilize the power of AI to decipher new levels of cyber assaults.

Seven AI captured attention within a very short period with a feature in the Wall Street Journal about its $36 million seed funding that was led by Greylock Partners. Other investors in the funding included CRV and Spark Capital. It highlighted the confidence of investors in the vision of Div and Striem-Amit. As of now, its valuation has surpassed $100 million even without having a tangible product.

The primary goal of Seven AI is to develop a next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC) system that would be powered by generative AI. It is an advanced technology and promises to transform how security operations are conducted. It enables faster and more accurate responses to threats.

Backdrop to the new venture is the recent peak history of Cybereason that was once on the brink of an IPO. Its valuation then was $5 billion. However, the company experienced several unfortunate events such as resignation of CEO, multiple rounds of layoffs and drop of 90% in value. All these led to takeover by the main investor, SoftBank. The company is now in a struggling phase.

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