Fortanix Sheds Light on Encryption’s Crucial Role in Data Protection

By Sunil Sonkar
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Fortanix Sheds Light on Encryption's Crucial Role in Data Protection

A recent study by Fortanix, a data security company, revealed how using encryption is super important to keep sensitive information safe. The study, called “Making Encryption Work Better,” done by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), checks out how we make sure data stays safe using encryption.


The study questioned about 400 IT and cybersecurity experts in the United States and Canada. Despite a robust confidence in cryptographic capabilities, the lack of encryption emerges as the leading contributor to sensitive data loss. Encryption is not only widespread but is on a noticeable ascent for securing data at rest, in motion and in use.

The big finding from the study is that 90% of the people asked think using encryption is good for keeping things like networks, data, and everything else secure. More than 50% of participants stress its significantly positive influence in each of these domains. However, a compelling paradox arises as businesses express a strong desire to encrypt their data, but a significant portion grapples with the practical implementation. The problem comes from not having enough cybersecurity experts. This leads to confusion about when and where to use encryption, managing things being complicated and finding it hard to check how safe our cybersecurity is.

Not using encryption is a big reason for losing data and almost one-third of the people surveyed said it is the main cause. Additionally, 25% experienced data loss due to policy violations such as small key sizes. Tech experts have a tough time deciding when and where to use encryption. They need tools that can help them find and check secret codes in different cloud systems.

The study also shows that more people are learning about post-quantum cryptography (PQC), with 76% knowing about it. But things like money, budgets and having enough staff are big challenges for using PQC.

To deal with these problems, Fortanix has just added a cool feature called Key Insight to their Data Security Manager (DSM) platform. This new thing helps companies find and fix problems in different cloud setups. Fortanix DSM has many useful features like managing keys, hiding data, keeping secrets, signing code and even keeping AI as well as data searches private. It wants to change how we protect data.

Anand Kashyap, the boss at Fortanix, says it’s really important for companies to focus on protecting their data and have total control over their encryption keys. Jack Poller, who studies this stuff at Enterprise Strategy Group, thinks companies should spend on learning, hiring the right people, and getting the right tools to use encryption in the best way for them.

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