Fortnite made $100 million in just 90 days on iOS

Fortnite made $100 million in just 90 days on iOS 1

Fortnite had again got a milestone in the field of mobile phone gaming. After its launch on iOS in mid of March, the game had raised $100 million as revenue through subscription only in 90 days of the launch stated by market analyst Sensor Tower. To grow the game more on mobile phone, the developing team will release Fortnite for Android phone this summer.

They are generating revenue through purchase, whereas they are free to play on PC, XBox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices. The game crossed $50 million in May because of their new content that is Season 4. After hitting $100 million in 90 days milestone the game got position among top 3 fastest growing mobile phone gaming with some amazing games Supercell’s Clash Royale and Niantic’s Pokemon Go, these games earned $600 million in 90 days or their launch.

Fortnite raised $100 million in just half of the time, with some other fame gaining games like NetEase’s battle royale Knives Out and Tencent’s Titanic multiplayer which is the online battleground of Honor of Kings, this is also known as Arena of Valor in the Westside. Sensor Tower also added that rival of Fortnite is PUBG Corps., Player Unknown’s Battleground, had earned same as Fortnite in just 60 days and yet reaching $100 like their competitors.

The game Battle Royale Juggernaut is shining like a bright star in the area of mobile phone gaming, and in few days it became very popular free to play game.  The game got 2 million downloads in just 24 hours of release by Nintendo’s Switch. Epic is looking for some new game sensation and ready to invest $100 million.

These games are more popular because of the way that hoe they are represented in front of users. This is an imperative way to earn money with lot of fame. They generate an idea of brilliant gaming on phones then started planning to implement the idea into action, taking all the relevant information and permissions is necessary and finally, the end product is ready to launch and hit the gaming market with maximum profit.

The only fall back as the company Epic is undergoing some legal procedure the reason behind is that Epic is one of the richest company of all. PUBG  is taking them to court for some legal copyright issue in the court of South Korea.



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