Fostering growth through promotion of AI in manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence no has become the buzzword in today’s scenario. While the AI is poised to revolutionize the foundation of every industry, the manufacturing industry has now also stood to gain the significantly from this technological disruption.

From the real-time maintenance support of equipment to the pre-empting the imperfections at the time of production for both the machinery and product and from streamlining the process of designing which enables the customized and improved products to create a smart supply chain, AI showcases the best of the industry standards 4.0.

In India, Artificial intelligence has just started to establish its foothold in this sector with the SME’s manufacturing still trying to decide on the implications and the overall economics of adopting the new age technology. Some of the organizations are fast realizing the relevance of the industrial Internet of Things which also aims to transform the businesses by simply enabling the collection and sharing of the pertinent data.

AI enabled system are mostly equipped with the ability to detect the microscopic aberrations at the time of production using the complex algorithms, a feature which can even make the most of the keen-sighted human fails to achieve. However, these systems are also capable of making most of the real-time informed decisions. For example, if the system predicts that any defect in the production line, then the data is instantly processed and escalated as an immediate alert to both the machine and the human supervisor.

Moreover, there are some of the streams of data that can even be collected and analyzed to pre-empt defects. In some of the cases, the defect is autonomic-ally rectified within the time frame, thus saving the manpower and capital at the same time that is otherwise lost in recalls, , and repairs.


Written by Sony T

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