Four Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Workplace

Four Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Workplace 1

The modern workplace is quickly becoming the home of artificial intelligence. Business owners see the convenience, savings, and productivity they bring to the table. Of course, it isn’t the full AI revolution from science fiction, with fully thinking machines and robots, but they are smart enough to make work much easier. Here are four examples of what many employees will see in their operations as AI integration happens.

Automation of various tasks

The most obvious use of AI is automating the various tasks that workers do daily. Employees usually have one or two rote tasks that they need to do, whether it is to email clients or organise data files. It is even worse if they are in the accounting department. Data entry is an essential part of their work. With AI assistance, manual input of numbers and sales will no longer be part of their work. Your accounting team can then focus on the actual work of looking for discrepancies and balancing the books.

Recruitment and onboarding

Another work-intensive part of any workplace is recruitment and onboarding. Going through thousands of work applications to find candidates and interviewing them take the bulk of the time of your HR department. AI can help with that since it can analyse applicants for qualifications and even administer testing. With AI help, thousands can become hundreds or even dozens. Even after hiring, AI can assist HR with the benefits of employee development platforms like those provided by JunoJourney. Instead of trainers working overtime to handle hundreds of new employees, AI assistance makes it easier and even allows them to teach more people.

Marketing and customer service

AI can be a big help when it comes to marketing. Targeted ad campaigns are more effective than general campaigns since your marketing team can focus on a specific demographic. AI can help with all the steps. For example, instead of waiting for a long process of surveys and analysis, AI allows for streaming analytics which means a company can know what is happening on the market in real-time and adapt their messaging quickly. Integrated with social media platforms, a company can blast out memes and short videos with a 24-hour turnaround. Additionally, with AI chatbots ready to answer any customer concern around the clock, customer service is easier.

Increased worker safety and health

The well-being of your employees can also be the focus of AI assistance. In several industries, human error and forgetfulness can lead to accidents. AI can help cover these problematic situations. For example, AI can monitor whether employees are following safety procedures. For example, cameras combined with AI image recognition can recognise workers that forgot their helmets. Additionally, AI can monitor worker hours to ensure they maintain a work-life balance.

Final thoughts

AI promises business owners increased productivity and higher profits as companies integrate them. Right now, they can deliver on those promises. What will be interesting to see are future AI developments and how they can further improve. If they are effective now, they will be a real boost.

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